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Class up your parlour with “Werewolves Playing Poker”

Christopher Herndon’s “Werewolves Playing Poker” is a great horror riff on Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s famous “Waterloo” painting. Herndon’s replaced Coolidge’s card-slinging, cigar-selling dogs with a group of werewolves who’ve decided to play poker instead of murdering everyone. (more…)

Tom Whalen’s “Pulp Menagerie” show at Mondo Gallery puts the Werewolf at the top of the pile

Two of my favourite names in art are teaming up for an event! Starting May 22nd, Tom Whalen is hosting a solo show called “Pulp Menagerie” at Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. Among the featured prints is a gorgeous tribute to Rankin/Bass’s classic movie Mad Monster Party?, featuring The Werewolf at the top of a monstrous dog-pile.

Another gorgeous Mondo poster for “The Wolf Man”

Here’s another wonderful piece of fine art werewolfery from Mondo, those magicians of film and pop culture artifacts. Mondo commissions incredible artists to produce poster artwork for cult / classic films and TV shows, and then burns through a run of limited edition prints in a flash sale designed to make collectors with slow internet connections cry bitter tears. (more…)

Detail shots for limited edition Mondo “The Wolf Man” poster + sale info

Via Daily Dead and the Mondo Blog, here’s a look at the limited edition Mondo poster for The Wolf Man, designed by Laurent Durieux. This 24″ x 36″ poster is part of Mondo’s UNIVERSAL MONSTERS show, and is limited to 380 prints. (more…)

Original Kyoht werewolf art up for auction

Want some original werewolf art by the talented Kyoht? Now’s your chance. Here are four eBay auctions, two for original paintings, two for original sketches. They’ve each got a day left, so if you’re interested, keep the lollygagging to a minimum.

“Human Bones”

“Council of Fangs”

“A Dandy Dinner”


“The Howling” Werewolf, The Way You Want To See It

This is too cool to just post on Fuzzy Camera. Horror artist Dan Harding has evidently been commissioned to paint a new cover for the re-issue of The Howling (which I didn’t know was happening, but cool). This, my friends, is a werewolf. Brilliant work, Dan!

Hat tip: Viergacht

Lou Romano’s “Monster Squad” Remake, in Art Format

Lou Romano is a guy whose creativity you can trust. The Incredibles? The Iron Giant? Monsters, Inc.? Yeah, he was production designer for those. He’s had his art in New York’s Museum of Modern Art and on the cover of The New Yorker, and he’s done voice acting in a number of Pixar films. He can also fly, and has a car that shoots lasers from its headlights [citation needed].

Lou’s work is presently part of the Cuter Than Stranger exhibit at Gallery 1988 in San Francisco. The reason you should know about this is the five 6″ x 6″ acrylic paintings he did of the monsters from The Monster Squad. These paintings are terrific, and they are for sale. Yes, even The Wolfman.

Gorgeous New Wolfman Poster Painted by Basil Gogos

We’ve seen Universal promote The Wolfman with theatrical posters both awesome and dull, but this latest is anything but traditional. Legendary painter-of-monsters Basil Gogos was commissioned by Universal to paint a vibrant, fantastically retro Wolfman poster, shared with you here in all its hi-res glory courtesy of CHUD.com. You can enter to win a signed, limited-edition print through the Lunar Phases widget on the official Wolfman Facebook page. In addition to getting the scoop on this sexy poster, CHUD also has nice little interview with the artist himself. Check it out!

“Thriller” by Shane Lewis

Thriller by Shane Lewis

While searching for an image to accompany a post about the inclusion of Michael Jackson’s Thriller werewolf costume in a stage performance he was working on, I found this fantastic illustration by storyboard artist Shane Lewis. From the oh-so-80’s jacket to his tremendous mane, Shane totally nailed Michael’s werewolf look from the epic music video. Truly, werewolf Michael Jackson is not like other guys. For starters, no other guy would wear loafers like that. Shane posted this around Halloween 2007, back when the Internet only had miserable things to say about Jackson, so he earns quadruple karma points for being a kick-ass artist and a nice guy. Check out Shane’s blog for more awesome art (and to learn about his apparent fear of being eaten by sharks and / or bears).

“Samurai Werewolf” Poster – Vector Art Tutorial

Vectortuts+ has got a really impressive vector art tutorial by Tom Whalen. The subject? A samurai werewolf in poster format, created in Adobe Illustrator. I’m geeking out already. (more…)