First Trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Edit: Apparently this trailer wasn’t supposed to get out. It’s been set to “private” by the YouTube user who posted it, the official-looking DylanDogFilms. There were a few other copies re-uploaded, but they’ve been removed via copyright claims. Hey DylanDogFilms, what the hell? I’m leaving this embedded video here just in case it ever becomes public again.

Fans of the original Italian comic book might have mixed feelings about some of the liberties taken with the characters and story, but I thoroughly enjoyed this trailer for the film adaptation of Dylan Dog. The first scene depicts a werewolf getting punched out with a silver knuckle-duster, and I’m okay with this, because the movie looks like a lot of goofy 80’s style monster fun (despite the tiresome “vampires taking over the world” trope). Also influencing me is the fact that Dylan is played by Brandon Routh, who I am currently unable to see as anyone other than Todd Ingram.