Werewolf Bust by “Being Human” & “Wolfman” Effects Artist Darren Nevin

I just received an email from Darren Nevin. “I recently sculpted & cast a silicone Werewolf display bust”, Darren writes, and he wonders if I might like to share some of the photos with the people who read Werewolf News. Darren, sharing stuff like this is the reason I started Werewolf News in the first place!


To see more photos visit this thread on TheEffectsLab.com.

Darren does his own stuff as DNA FX, but he also works for Millennium FX in the UK. He created this werewolf bust as a portfolio piece and as a way to keep his skills sharp. It took him a few months, as he was busy working on other werewolf stuff: the second series of BBC’s Being Human and… wait for it… pick-up shots for The Wolfman. Darren is a man who knows his werewolves!

If you’re in the UK you can see Darren’s werewolf bust at IMATS London, which is happening at Alexandra Palace January 30-31st 2010. If you’d like to see more of Darren’s work you can visit his MySpace page, and if you’d like to contact him regarding commissions or purchasing (yes, this werewolf bust is for sale), you can email him at DNA-FX@hotmail.co.uk.