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USA Weekend Interviews Russell Tovey of “Being Human”

Warning: Spoilers! People are starting to get excited about “Being Human” again, what with the first season being out on DVD, shooting of the third series underway and the main cast attending SDCC for a panel this Friday. Yesterday USA Weekend posted an interesting interview with Russell Tovey, who plays dweeby nurse / reluctant werewolf George. Tovey talks about how his character has evolved as a man (and as a werewolf), the uncomfortable realities of having to film a transformation scene in the nude, and how other werewolf characters look to him for cues on how to handle their own transformations:

When I did it, they just basically stripped me, threw me into a room and said, “Scream.” [Laughs] I was thrown right in the deep end so I’ve found my own language of it. Now they watch me to see how to do it, which is a massive compliment. I always felt like I wanted it to seem the most painful thing in the world, which it’s meant to be. I thought, “You’ve got to go for this because if you don’t and you do it halfheartedly, people watching it go, ‘Well, I don’t believe that’ or ‘He doesn’t look like he’s in pain,’ and it would just ruin it.

Read the whole interview here.

Four More Great Photos of Being Human Werewolves George & Nina

These lovely photos of George (edit: and in the white pressure tank George’s girlfriend Nina) are from episode four of Being Human‘s second series. Thanks to @SheenFanSite for bringing them to my attention! It looks like the official Being Human Facebook group is posting stills from each episode as it airs, so expect more photos of these excellent werewolf costumes as they become available.

Husband and Wife Writing Team to Script Syfy’s “Being Human” Remake

Details about Syfy’s immanent Americanization of BBC’s hit series Being Human are scarce, but The Futon Critic has shed a little light on the writing situation. “Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver (“Supernatural”) and Anna Fricke (“Privileged”) have been tapped as the writers”, Syfy’s Mark Stern said. “[He’s] kind of got the genre cred and Anna comes out of a more character-based drama world so between them they’ll be really interesting.”

I’ve got to admit I’m not too familiar with the work of either writer, but my immediate reaction to this news is a little on the “meh” side. Perhaps their joining forces to work on the show together will being some magic to the writing.

Six Photos of Being Human’s George in Werewolf Form

George fans rejoice! Here are some new photos of your favourite Being Human werewolf, taken from episodes 1 and 4 of Series 2. Click for larger versions.

Werewolf Bust by “Being Human” & “Wolfman” Effects Artist Darren Nevin

I just received an email from Darren Nevin. “I recently sculpted & cast a silicone Werewolf display bust”, Darren writes, and he wonders if I might like to share some of the photos with the people who read Werewolf News. Darren, sharing stuff like this is the reason I started Werewolf News in the first place! (more…)

Behind the Scenes of the Being Human Werewolf Transformation

Russell Tovey - Werewolf Transformation

One of the better things about the BBC is Being Human, a drama about three twenty-something roommates who also happen to be a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf (George Sands, played by Russell Tovey). The Being Human mini-site recently posted a video feature about the special effects behind last year’s season-finale werewolf transformation. For those of us who don’t live in the UK (and consequently can’t view any of the BBC’s video content without dealing with proxies), trusty YouTube saves the day. Enjoy!

This looks like a lot of work, but it also looks like a lot of fun. What werewolf fan wouldn’t willingly undergo hours of excrutiating makeup for an experience like this (at least once)?