The Wolf-Thing In Cirque du Freak Is Pretty Silly

I can't stop looking at that ear.

Cirque du Freak, the recently-released film starring John C. Reilly, has a wolfman in it, and it’s… well… they obviously chose to design it for the screen like that– the production values of the film are too high for this goofy-looking thing to be the result of low-budget ineptitude. Here’s a Youtube clip of the wolfman (graciously linked by Viergacht) just in case the photo above doesn’t do it for you. The question is, “why does he look like that?” The wolfman on the cover of The Vampire’s Assistant (one of the book in the series that inspired the film) looks like an actual wolfman. What you see in the film is the werewolf equivalent of a guy who wears his underpants over top of his jeans because he’s not paying attention. What do you think?

Also, while I love John C. Reilly, to me he will always be Dr. Steve Brule. For your health!