The Hippest Werewolf on the Sweetest Shirt

The unstoppable ArcLight has alerted me to yet another werewolf t-shirt, this one by Toronto-based artists and art school graduates Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik. Rose and Stephanie have formed Crywolf Clothing, and they’ve just launched their Spring 2009 line. Among the clever designs is what I can only describe as an extremely indie werewolf. While Matthew’s werewolf is out shredding his inflatable guitar, Rose and Stephanie’s werewolf is in the library, listening to Midlake and reading Hemmingway. I have to admit, I’m more of the Midlake type myself.

Hipster Werewolf

The shirt is available in men’s and ladies styles for $25 Canadian. You have absolutely no excuse to refrain from buying this shirt.