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French Canadian werewolf film “Le poil de la bête” (The Hair of the Beast) looks awesome

Every now and then I see something werewolf-related that makes me giddy. This is one of them. I’ve only seen a trailer and a poster for “Le poil de la bête” (The Hair of the Beast) and already I’m in love. The problem is, everything to do with the movie is in French, and I’m one of those Canadians who didn’t pay attention during high school French. Here’s what I’ve put together thanks to Google Translate and the film’s IMDB page: It’s 1665 and scruffy con-man / swindler Joseph Côté manages to escape a Québec (née New France) prison mere hours before he’s scheduled to be hanged. He flees to the seigneury of Beaufort, where the main activity is waiting for “Daughters of the King”– French women who’ve been sent to Canada to find husbands. To avoid capture by the colonial soldiers searching for him, Côté assumes the identity of a Jesuit priest who, unbeknownst to him, is a famed hunter of werewolves. And wouldn’t you know it! Beaufort has a werewolf problem.

It’s Canadian, it’s photographed well, it’s a period piece and it has a werewolf that looks great (from what I could see). This particular mix of ingredients has got me excited! It’s been out for a month in Québec, but I’m not sure if / when / how us Anglos will get a chance to see it. In the meantime, here’s a trailer (love that hand transformation) and a poster. There are more clips and images available at www.lepoildelabete.com. If any French readers (I know there are a few of you out there) learn anything about a larger release on that site, please let us know.

Hat tip: Roger Flavell

Werewolf, Vampire, Mummy & other monsters to throw down in Monster Brawl’s pay-per-view wrestling match

“Monster Brawl” is an upcoming Canadian horror-comedy film in which eight wrestlers fight to the death in a Pay-Per-View tournament held in an abandoned and cursed graveyard. The competitors? A vampire, a witch, a mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, a zombie, a werewolf, a swamp creature, and Cyclops. I think Dread Central said it best: “the title and the concept sound like the basis for an old NES video game.” I would have added the words “awesome” and “kick-ass” in there somewhere, but, you know. I’m excitable.

My Google-fu couldn’t produce much more about this film besides that Dread Central post and some local news articles (Ready for the Monster Brawl? and Zombie for a day), but the few details are tantalizing: Lance Henriksen and Dave Foley have roles, as do WWF / WCW manager Jimmy Hart, MMA ass-kicker/ref Herb Dean and a number of other wrestling stars from the 90’s. It’s being produced by Ontario’s Foresight Features and should be out next year, hopefully accompanied by a downloadable 8-bit style wrestling game.

The Hippest Werewolf on the Sweetest Shirt

The unstoppable ArcLight has alerted me to yet another werewolf t-shirt, this one by Toronto-based artists and art school graduates Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik. Rose and Stephanie have formed Crywolf Clothing, and they’ve just launched their Spring 2009 line. Among the clever designs is what I can only describe as an extremely indie werewolf. While Matthew’s werewolf is out shredding his inflatable guitar, Rose and Stephanie’s werewolf is in the library, listening to Midlake and reading Hemmingway. I have to admit, I’m more of the Midlake type myself.

Hipster Werewolf

The shirt is available in men’s and ladies styles for $25 Canadian. You have absolutely no excuse to refrain from buying this shirt.