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Grimm’s Monroe & Rosalee “Time and Thyme” shirt design

Manny Aguilera is back with another pop culture inspired t-shirt illustration, this one based on NBC series Grimm. It features everyone’s favourite Blutbat and Fuchsbau couple, Monroe and Rosalee, and it’s available at a discount until Saturday morning. (more…)

Werewolf bikini set from Iron Fist

Last year Iron Fist brought you werewolf-themed high heels, flats and clutch purses, and now their product designers have turned their sights on the beach scene with this werewolf print bikini set. This is good. This is sensible. This is how you build a brand.

The regular price is $48.00 US, but as of this post the bikini set is on sale for $30.00, and sizes run from XS to 2XL. If you are a lady of any shape or size and you are reading this web site, I have a suggestion: buy this bikini, get in touch with others who have done the same, and form an official opposition to the Swedish Bikini Werewolf Destruction Unit.

Another Werewolf Shirt to Crave: “The Curse of the Care Were” by Winter

This werewolf shirt by Sean Husbands (aka Winter) is awesome in all the right ways, and it should be on your body. Especially if you were alive in the 1980s and are now vaugely terrified by old episodes of Care Bears. Forget the “Care Bear Stare”… “Care Were Limb-Tear” is the new way. Buy it on Threadless for $20 US, or get an art print for $25.

Hat tip: Macabri

Nine Excellent Gifts for the Discerning Werewolf Fan In Your Life

Shopping for one of those impossible “werewolf people”? Want to get them something that won’t just end up in the back of the closet next to that signed “An American Werewolf in Paris” poster? Relax– I’m here to help. Any one of these items will delight the werewolf-crazed lunatic (no pun intended) in your life, and the recipient will know you care enough about them to not just grab them a Blu-ray of “The Wolfman” and call it quits. I’ve linked to Amazon.com product pages wherever possible, since at this point in the month, most other online retailers have cut off their “will arrive before Christmas” ground shipping. These are in no particular order.

Zagone Studios Super Action Wolf Gloves – $24.99

The best werewolf gloves you’ll find anywhere for less than $100 are an absolute steal at $25. Light, comfortable, durable, dextrous and they look great. I own two pairs of these and will probably buy another pair next year. Available from Zagone Studios.


“The Wolf Age” by James Enge – $11.56

I have a half-finished review for this in the hopper, but I can’t leave it off the list simply because I’m bad at managing my time. This is a 500-page brick of solid gold– the best fantasy novel I’ve ever read, period. Enge takes the werewolves of horror lore and builds a unique and utterly convincing society for them to inhabit. A must-read. Available from Amazon.


“Werewolves: An Illustrated Journal of Transformation” by Paul Jessup and Allyson Haller – $7.79

One word: gorgeous. This book is an illustrated journal that documents the lycanthropic infection and transformation of a teenage girl. Another amazing book which needs reviewing on this site, and which deserves a place on the most prestigious level of your bookshelf. Contains a clever and believable story, with none of the cringe-worthy teenage drama of “Ginger Snaps”, and some of the best werewolf drawings & sketches I’ve ever seen. Highly recommended! Available from Amazon.


“Werewolves on the Moon: Versus Vampires” by David Land, Matt Fillbach and Shawn Fillbach – $10.78

Every page of this graphic novel is brimming with the ludicrous energy promised by the title and cover art (three werewolves staking a vampire to the Lunar surface with an American flag). Action, wry humour and clever dialog make this a gem. Great werewolf character design, too. Available from Amazon. By the way, I’m totally Stan.


“The Wrong Night in Texas” by Josh Boulet – $10.00

Allow me to quote from my own review of this excellent graphic novel: “Joshua Boulet has captured and unapologetically celebrated everything that makes the werewolf wild, dangerous and fun.” It “genuinely horrified me. It also thrilled me with its energy, charmed me with its lovingly-crafted aesthetic and, above all, satisfied that primal part of my brain that just wants to see a vicious, monstrous werewolf tearing shit up.” If you’re mature enough to enjoy R-rated films, you’re mature enough to have your stomach punched by Josh’s savage little book. Available from Josh’s web site.


Mezco “Wolfman” Stylized Roto Figure – $25.47

What can  I say about this guy? Of all the werewolf stuff on my various home and office desks, he’s my favourite. It captures the Rick Baker wolfman design but the exaggerated proportions add a sense of playfulness that was sadly lacking from the film. Available from Amazon.


“The Werewolf’s Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten” by Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers – $11.19

Once again, lifted from my review: “The Werewolf’s Guide to Life belongs right next to the Bible in every werewolf’s (or werewolf’s spouse’s) nightstand. Its subtitle ‘A Manual for the Newly Bitten’ accurately represents what lies between its covers: not a tepid modernization of werewolf myths peppered with pseudo-scientific explanations, but rather a no-nonsense (yet oddly humorous) instructional guide for newly-initiated werewolves.” Available from Amazon.


“It’s On Now” Werewolf vs. Unicorn T-Shirt – $18.50

Forget vampires. The real enemy? Unicorns. This shirt lets everyone know that you know the truth. It’s also designed and sold by one of the awesomest dudes around. This shirt. Available from TopatoCo.


Werewolf High Heels, Platform Heels, Flats and Clutch Wallet by Iron Fist – $24.99 to $49.99

Perfect for the fashion-conscious werewolf-lovin’ lady (or open-minded fellow) in your life. Get a bloody-fanged werewolf design on open-toed pumps, platforms, flats or a clutch wallet. All available from Amazon.

I cannot endorse this well-drawn, reasonably-priced “Swedish Bikini Werewolf Destruction Unit” T-shirt on Threadless

This shocking (but well-rendered) display of species-ist violence (and gratuitous lesbian smoochin’) is available for purchase as a t-shirt or hoodie from Threadless. I am appalled that Threadless would permit such an image on their site, and will be registering my outrage by waiting at least a day before purchasing it. A day at least. The responsible parties are Dick Firestorm and Peter Kramar, both terrible men with no decorum and excellent senses of humour. In closing, all I’m gonna say is that I’ve been to Sweden, and I don’t think they’d treat werewolves like that.

Hat tip: ArcLight

The Trustworthiness of Beards, as Assessed & Charted by Matt McInerney

I’ve been super busy today, but I wanted to share this delightful chart with you. Have you ever wondered if you could gauge the general trustworthiness of a person, based on the beard they’re sporting? Graphic designer Matt McInerney says you can, and he has a chart to prove it. He claims there’s no scientific basis to his observations, but other than grossly exaggerating the threat of werewolves, I think he seems to be spot-on. The Philosopher? Good. The Neckbeard? Watch yourself.

Click for the full thing at a (much) larger resolution.

Kylie Minogue is in “Jack and Diane” and the tabloids want you to know she looks scruffy

Judging by the excitement in my inbox this is important enough to mention, although I feel like I’m succumbing to peer pressure. Musician Kylie Minogue has what sounds like a minor role in everybody’s favourite werewolf lesbian romance movie, Jack and Diane. People who care how pop stars look were apparently very upset at her appearance in a series of off-set photos, but then were relieved (and titillated) when it was revealed that she was just “in costume” for her role as a lady who likes other ladies. I was going to include one of those photos with this post, but then I remembered this site isn’t TMZ or Perez Hilton. Wanna know what she looks like? Just do a Google image search for her, then imagine she has some fake tattoos on her arms and hasn’t washed her hair in three days.

This Button Will Leave No Doubt Whatsoever

I saw this button by TobisMiniBoutique and I liked it. Let me tell you why: I like werewolves, and I like chunky, bold vector designs. I also like things that eliminate confusion, and if you’re sporting this button on your torn shirt, no one will wonder why you’re hunched over the mauled corpse of a mailman, covered in gore and gnawing on a femur. You can buy this button for $1.59 CDN, which seems like a pretty reasonable price for such an instructive communication tool.

The Best Werewolf Shirts Out There: A Guide to Lycanthropic Fashion

So you’ve got a thing for wolves and you’ve got some Zoolander in your blood. But do you feel like the loser you are when you succumb to buying the latest nerdcore Hot Topic Worgen shirt? Do you feel like you have KICK ME, I’M A FUR-FAG written on your forehead when you rock your shitty “Team Jacob” Twilight-themed pawprint shirt around the mall foodcourt or local combat-breakdancing arena? Fear not – Roukas is here to help with this quick guide to some of the most unique, eye-catching lupine apparel out there. My only caveat is that you should do your own ebay checking in addition to the shirts featured here. Ebay listings fluctuate rapidly, and you never know when some obscure member will auction off the most awesomely retro holy grail of werewolf shirts, baseball caps, or whatever.

With that said and done, let’s move on to the goods!

Yellow Full-moon Werewolf Logo shirt

Yellow Full-moon Werewolf LogoForget all those Spencer Gifts and TapOut shirts with pseudo-tough designs of tangled thorns, tribal tattoos, thunder, and wolves screaming and flipping out for no reason. Throughout my years of rocking the Adidas track jackets with boot-cut jeans, I’ve learned that simplicity is usually best. This werewolf shirt not only fits that criteria, but it also comes in a hoodie, a long-sleeve shirt, and even on a nifty messenger bag! I suggest ordering it half a size down; that way you can border on the sexy-beast emo thing without looking like you have a complex.

Pink ‘Werewolf Girl’ Shirt

Pink Werewolf Girl ShirtI’m no authority on women’s fashion, but I will say that this is practically the only shirt that would put me in the shoes of that ‘Jizzed in my Pants’ fellow if I saw a young lady wearing it (provided she wasn’t 300lbs or anything). Careful though — shirts like these are easy to wear wrong because the success of you manifesting your wolfy awesomeness is directly proportionate to your attitude. So the bottom line is that if you’re a 17 year-old female who gets moist whenever the weatherman says anything like “…in the mid to low 50’s by TWILIGHT tonight,” then I’d recommend passing on this shirt. However, if you’re a nanometer more mature than that, then you may be able to get away with sporting this baby on the train, at the mall, or on campus. For maximum style and aesthetic trail-blazing, I recommend pairing this up with one of those short-billed Fidel Castro caps you can get at The Gap.

ClipArt-Esque ‘Party Werewolf’ Shirt

The Party WerewolfRemember how I said that simplicity is usually best? Well, with this juxtaposed image of a werewolf with party balloons, that principle comes back into play with a sexy vengeance. It’s one thing to be a douche bag and wear shirt featuring a grinning wolf with a PARTY ANIMAL logo, but it’s quite another to rock something indirect and suggestive while bringing the lycanthropic factor to the forefront at the same time. I mean, the people who rock werewolf shirts are normally rolling dice and arguing over magic missiles, and the people who rock the Abercrombie shirts are normally out partying. This shirt bridges that seemingly unbridgeable gap. Few shirts wed nerdcore, beastly, and street-wise so well.

Devil’s Breath Chile Company Werewolf Shirt

Devil's Breath Werewolf ShirtSporting a good werewolf shirt is a delicate art. You can’t express your affiliation with all things lupine too strongly, otherwise people will avoid you at worst or roll their eyes at you at best. Therefore it’s often best to be retro and indirect when you’re preaching the lycanthropic gospel. This baby here can pass for a shirt that just about anyone would wear. Hey, on one level, it’s just a shirt with a werewolf on it as an advertising kicker. But therein lies its charm: the damn shirt is beastly-beautiful without it knowing that it’s beastly-beautiful, and the same can be true for you, its wearer. As usual, order half a size down and act nonchalant and a little surprised when people comment you on it.

Werewolf Running From Ravens Shirt

Werewolf Running from RavensThis shirt not only obeys the simplicity rule, but it’s also Celtic and enigmatically beautiful as a misty nightfall on the dew-damp moors of some small British village I know nothing about. Like the Devil’s Breath Chile Company shirt, this baby is lycanthropicly indirect, although I’d recommend wearing it during your low-key moods or occasions. Few things are more literary and soul-stirring than a subtle Celtic art werewolf booking it across the plains with his corvine brethren behind him. Moreover, the people who comment you on this shirt will likely be the same people who are chilled and introspective enough to see shit like this. Rock this at study group or during late-night videogame sessions with friends as you sip an obscure wine or designer-beer.

The Hippest Werewolf on the Sweetest Shirt

The unstoppable ArcLight has alerted me to yet another werewolf t-shirt, this one by Toronto-based artists and art school graduates Rose Chang and Stephanie Drabik. Rose and Stephanie have formed Crywolf Clothing, and they’ve just launched their Spring 2009 line. Among the clever designs is what I can only describe as an extremely indie werewolf. While Matthew’s werewolf is out shredding his inflatable guitar, Rose and Stephanie’s werewolf is in the library, listening to Midlake and reading Hemmingway. I have to admit, I’m more of the Midlake type myself.

Hipster Werewolf

The shirt is available in men’s and ladies styles for $25 Canadian. You have absolutely no excuse to refrain from buying this shirt.