Grimm’s Monroe & Rosalee “Time and Thyme” shirt design

Manny Aguilera is back with another pop culture inspired t-shirt illustration, this one based on NBC series Grimm. It features everyone’s favourite Blutbat and Fuchsbau couple, Monroe and Rosalee, and it’s available at a discount until Saturday morning.

Manny DM’d me on Twitter last night to ask if I was into Grimm, and I told him the truth: not really. The characters and the world of the show seem kind of flimsy to me (feel free to yell at me about this in person on Saturday). Then Manny showed me the shirt design. Here’s my response, copy-pasted from TweetDeck:

UH okay so basically you took everything I actually LIKE about Grimm and put it on a shirt in an adorable design. A++++

Manny synthesized the “yes” out of the “meh” and turned it into a shirt, which shouldn’t surprise me, given his ability to combine popular characters (often from different series or franchises) into an image that celebrates what people love about them – without pandering! For more proof of this, check out his Tumblr and his other shirts (“Scott and Marty” is a werewolfy classic).

“Time and Thyme” is available now for USD $14, or $20 after Friday. Check it out!