Werewolves Crave… Kentucky Fried Chicken?

You may have seen this trailer for a werewolf movie called Night Hunger floating around on YouTube recently. Grainy, scratchy film stock, wooden voice-overs, actors who all sound constipated, budget werewolf effects, buckets of gore– this has got to be a trailer for a trashy 1970’s grindhouse flick, right? Wrong.

It’s actually an excellent piece of viral marketing for KFC, purveyor of greasy buckets of fast food fried chicken. If you watch carefully during the last 30 seconds or so, you’ll see that the blood is really ketchup and the chunks of flesh are actually chicken drumsticks. Other than a few split-second flashes of a KFC bucket on the floor, it’s reasonably subtle– shades of Burger King’s Subservient Chicken site, another great piece of viral marketing.

Night Hunger was put together by Ben Whitehouse of Joy@RSA, a boutique cell of RSA Films.