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Alistair Darling is a Werewolf

The Spoof has an amusing article about the latest issue to rock Europe’s financial markets: England’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, is a werewolf. “Whilst being a werewolf does not lend itself naturally to managing the country’s economy,” The Spoof reports, “it has proven a good move in terms of security on Downing Street.”

Werewolves Crave… Kentucky Fried Chicken?

You may have seen this trailer for a werewolf movie called Night Hunger floating around on YouTube recently. Grainy, scratchy film stock, wooden voice-overs, actors who all sound constipated, budget werewolf effects, buckets of gore– this has got to be a trailer for a trashy 1970’s grindhouse flick, right? Wrong.