Slow. Slow!

Werewolf news has been slow these days. It’s kind of hard to believe, with the X-Files: I Want To Believe & The Wolf Man on the way, Welcome To Hoxford coming out in August, and a spate of werewolf novels hitting the market.

Rest easy knowing I’m still out there, patrolling The Internets for juicy lycanthropic factoids. If you have some werewolf news you want to see here, you can email it to me at werewolfnews[replacethiswithan@] Art, short fiction, a sweet costume you made, anything werewolf-related.

I finished reading Sharp Teeth the other day, and I’ll try to get a review posted here in the next few days. Suffice it to say that even though the creatures in it are more were-dogs than werewolves, it’s still very, very good.