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The “Goosebumps” trailer is out & yeah, the werewolf’s pretty great

I have about 90 seconds before I have to be in a meeting so here’s the deal! The Goosebumps trailer debuted after a very short “unlock with a hashtag” campaign. As I was hoping, the werewolf is featured prominently, and despite being CG, is rendered with perfect levels of realism and cartoon villainy. (more…)

Werewolf gets top position in poster for upcoming “Goosebumps” movie

Werewolf News reader Drockan Firestorm just emailed me with an update (including a rad poster) for the upcoming Goosebumps movie, starring Jack Black and based on R.L. Stine’s kid-friendly/kid-traumatizing horror books from the 1990’s. (more…)

Book Review: “High Moor” by Graeme Reynolds

There are few books I’ve read that managed to keep me reading even after the characters I was rooting for got torn to bloody ribbons. Graeme Reynolds’ High Moor is one of them. (more…)

Get some more Lou Garou in your (hopefully not torn-off) face with WolfCop: Fleshmob

After staring in a film and a comic book, the alcoholic werewolf cop you know and tolerate because he’s armed love is back for another adventure, this time in his very own novel. (more…)

Werewolves & witches combine in Peter Saenz’s “Coven of Wolves 2”

If you ask me, werewolves are like coffee. You don’t need to mash the core concept up with anything else to improve the experience, and if you try you’ll just create a weird mess that doesn’t satisfy anyone. But when I heard about Peter Saenz‘s Coven of Wolves books, I considered a werewolf/witch hybrid and started feeling pretty good about the idea. (more…)

“25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf” by Jo Thomas

My thanks to Fox Spirit for sponsoring Werewolf News with Jo Thomas’s novel 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf – a provocative title for a site as pro-werewolf as this, but rest assured, there’s more to this wonderful story than laundry list of grisly demises for lycanthropes. (more…)

The Tattooed Wolf by K. Bannerman

The Tattooed Wolf Thanks to Hic Dragones for being our first sponsor of the season with K. Bannerman’s acclaimed novel The Tattooed Wolf. As of this post I’ve only just started reading it, and I’m hooked! (more…)

The Wolf At His Door: Book 1 of The Runes Trilogy

My thanks to Adrian Lilly for sponsoring Werewolf News this week with The Wolf At His Door, the first book in his trilogy of werewolf novels. Adrian and I have similar tastes in werewolves, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about building a werewolf mythology, the power of literature, and practical jokes. (more…)

Holiday Grab Bag: “The Order” werewolf combat, “I” Tamil insanity, illegal hyphens & more

It’s the holiday season and things are getting weird in the world of werewolves. Here are a few short pieces to chew on while you wait for your buddy Krampus to show up. (more…)

“The Wolf Age” by James Enge – to judge a book by its cover, this is gonna be awesome

Normally I’m not inclined to pay much attention to fantasy novels with the word “wolf” in the title. If there are werewolves in the story (and there aren’t always), they tend to be framed in the context of mystical spirit warriors, in touch with nature but aloof from humankind. (more…)