Werewolves & witches combine in Peter Saenz’s “Coven of Wolves 2”

If you ask me, werewolves are like coffee. You don’t need to mash the core concept up with anything else to improve the experience, and if you try you’ll just create a weird mess that doesn’t satisfy anyone. But when I heard about Peter Saenz‘s Coven of Wolves books, I considered a werewolf/witch hybrid and started feeling pretty good about the idea.

Some of my favourite werewolf books have prominently featured systemic magic and witchcraft. James Enge’s The Wolf Age and M.D. Lachlan’s ongoing Fenrir saga are both great examples of how to combine werewolves and magic in a way that’s fun to read (and also terrifying, especially in the case of the latter). I have yet to read Saenz’s books, but they seem like they’re in the same vein.

The first book has some good reviews on Goodreads and the sequel, Blood Ties, is off to an even better start since its release in January. The Advocate Magazine recently listed Blood Ties in its “7 Things That Are Everything This Week” feature, and it’s nominated for a 2015 Rainbow Award.

Here’s a synopsis from the publisher, Digital Fabulists:

For Devin Marshall, life has changed forever. Once a witch on the run, he has found his niche among a group of like minded witches in a coven of his own. Now, also leader to a pack of newly formed werewolves, Devin will need both groups fighting beside him if he plans to keep the people he loves alive. Initially he has his hands full contending with Boston mob vendettas, rival covens, and a global network of deadly werewolf clans who want him dead. Unfortunately for Devin, things go from bad to worse when long forgotten gods rise, threatening to destroy not only the newly formed coven/clan but the majority of the world as well.

Blood Ties and its predecessor are available on Amazon in paperback, kindle and audiobook. If you’re looking to mix your werewolves up with a little magic and get into what sounds like a great adventure series at the same time, check ’em out!