Get some more Lou Garou in your (hopefully not torn-off) face with WolfCop: Fleshmob

After staring in a film and a comic book, the alcoholic werewolf cop you know and tolerate because he’s armed love is back for another adventure, this time in his very own novel.

Wolfcop: Fleshmob by Brad Munson is the first in what’s likely to be an ongoing series of novels set in Woodhaven, the lucky(?) town with a police force that consists solely of Tina, a hyper-vigilant supercop with an enormous rifle, and Lou, a perpetually hung-over werewolf who keeps accidentally kicking his sidearm under the car.

I asked the WolfCop team if this novel takes place before or after WolfCop 2 (which starts filming this summer!), and the question was either misunderstood or they’re deliberately messing with me. Based on the synopsis it could be either, but it would be particularly fun to read a pulpy novel that connects the end of one pulpy film with the start of another.

There’s been a massacre at Woodhaven Mall–but it looks like the shoppers themselves did the killing. What drove them mad? And how can WolfCop make sure it won’t happen again?

Lou (WolfCop) Garou is sent to investigate. Along the way he hooks up with a sexy Extreme Wiccan by the unlikely name of Isadora Tree. Soon they are under attack by a seemingly endless stream of redneck thugs and musically enchanted zombies–and as the moon waxes, Lou grows more wolfish every day.

Then things gets really weird.

Ride along with Lou and Izzy on a bizarre cross-country road trip to uncover the secret of the massacre–and the musical mind control that’s behind it. It’s an arcane adventure filled with gun battles, car chases, beautiful girls, evil mullets, and all kinds of big, bad WolfCop!

WolfCop: Fleshmob is available as an e-book on Amazon, Google Play and the iTunes Store.