Trailer for Syfy’s “Red” Contains Felicia Day, Clips From “The Howling” and Cheese

A. Quinton — Jul. 25th 2010

Syfy has posted the first trailer for their latest original movie, “Red”, staring Felicia Day. I have a feeling this got rushed out for SDCC (assuming that’s where it was shown), because it looks a little disjointed and they’ve cut in some werewolf footage from “The Howling” to pad it out. Weird! Overall it looks pretty cheesy, but I think that’s sort of the point– Syfy original movies aren’t expected to bring home any award hardware.

It says something about Syfy’s production values that practical werewolf effects from 1981 look better than the CGI werewolves they came up with on their own.

Hat tip: ArcLight

  • This is why I have a locked, Iron door in my basement.

    Looks alright, anything that comes out of Syfy’s “original” backside is usually cheesy beyond belief, also seems like every werewolf movie is generally the same plot line; someone comes to a town, there seems to be a secret within it, everyone is weird, they meet one person, they reveal the entire secret, they encounter the thing, run, and at the end, destroy the once called “unstoppable” beast, oh wait, that’s every Syfy Original Movie, opps.

    It seems really easy to just create a good werewolf movie, no one really has that passion like I’m sure most people on here do-everyone wants romantic, shirtless Native American tribal faggots who conveniently seem to transform without their clothes being effected. I’d probably pay to see a good werewolf script :|

  • Viergacht

    I saw this a few days ago and I couldn’t believe they did that! Did they honestly think no one would recognize the swiped footage?

    Man, if they would recreate those Bottin puppets (I’m sure the originals have disintegrated, but surely the molds and electronic schematics must still exist) and make a new Howling sequel, I would be the happiest little boy in the world.

  • Iron Door: you’d “probably pay” to see a good werewolf movie? That’s awful generous of you.

  • This is why I have a locked, Iron door in my basement.

    Script. Not movie, good sir. Script. What I mean is, I would “probably pay” someone to sit down with me, put a script on the table and have it be a GOOD, non-cliche werewolf movie, maybe I wasn’t clear, wrote this at 7 AM