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Travis Betz & Max Landis recreate no-budget “American Werewolf In London” transformation

I missed this when it first came out last summer but it’s the sort of thing that keeps indefinitely. Screenwriter and director Max Landis stood in for David Naughton in a bare-bones shot-for-shot remake of the famous transformation scene from his father’s film An American Werewolf in London. (more…)

Web Series “Wolfpack of Reseda”: Drink some True Blood while driving your Kia to your job at Initech

According to the end of the first episode of  Wolfpack of Reseda, when you’re infected with lycanthropy you immediately receive enormous feathery sideburns and a brand new Kia Soul. (more…)

Get ready to cringe! Dialog from The Howling III + a solid gold quote from The Howling II

The last line of dialog in this clip from The Howling III is making the rounds today as a candidate for “the worst line ever” in a movie. I… I might agree with that. It’s definitely one of the lowest points in an already cringeworthy movie. But coincidentally, there’s a short exchange in The Howling II that never fails to make me chuckle with genuine glee:  Jenny, What’d He Say? [mp3]. So absurd! Ben, you skeptical fool!

Trailer for Syfy’s “Red” Contains Felicia Day, Clips From “The Howling” and Cheese

Syfy has posted the first trailer for their latest original movie, “Red”, staring Felicia Day. I have a feeling this got rushed out for SDCC (assuming that’s where it was shown), because it looks a little disjointed and they’ve cut in some werewolf footage from “The Howling” to pad it out. Weird! Overall it looks pretty cheesy, but I think that’s sort of the point– Syfy original movies aren’t expected to bring home any award hardware.

It says something about Syfy’s production values that practical werewolf effects from 1981 look better than the CGI werewolves they came up with on their own.

Hat tip: ArcLight

Gabriel Belmont is Going to Beat Up This Werewolf in “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow”

The recently announced Castlevania reboot “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has got among its cast of enemies a kind of batty, kind of ratty werewolf. Would you like to see some grainy E3 2010 gameplay footage where Gabriel Belmont turns his foes (including a dramatically introduced werewolf) into clouds of blood? Here you go!

Would you like to see a giant render of the werewolf model, in all its leathery-textured glory? Well, my friends, we’re two for two! Click to embiggen.

Hat-tip: iloveitems

The Werewolves of Ferelden in Dragon Age: Origins

The opening paragraph of Bobby Travis’s Greywardens.com post on werewolves in Dragon Age: Origins reads like it was written by a guy who bought a cape at Hot Topic and wears it without irony.

I was decidedly annoyed. Annoyed that the creators of something I had been waiting for, and for so many years, had apparently sullied their potentially great work with something so common to run-of-the-mill fantasy and pop-culture.

“This is the sort of pseudo-intellectual wankery that Roukas lives to destroy,” I thought, but I read on, and I was rewarded. I’ve never actually played Dragon Age, but I’ve heard good things from people whose opinions I trust. Once he gets going, Travis waxes philosophical & sociological on the game’s werewolves in a way that got interested enough to look up the game’s required system specs (yes, I can run it). He analyzes the role of werewolves within the game’s world, and comes to the conclusion that they contribute something important to the development of Ferelden’s culture. How cool to see werewolves in games being utilized as something more than hairy “pass the McGuffinNPCs!

I’m not gonna lie, though. The embedded gameplay video helped.

Werewolf Prevention Training Videos

Sam Thomspon and Astrix Home Video care about your home, your attic, and your family. More specifically, they care about protecting these things from a threat that, according to the Department of Homeland Security, costs taxpayers $4 million per year. That threat? Werewolves. If you’re a homeowner, this series of instructional videos contains critical information. For a closer look at what can happen if you don’t take precautions, take a look at Thompson’s movie Living Arrangements.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

New Super Bowl “Wolfman” Trailer

Short and sweet! Thanks for the link, Nyetwerke.

“Bring It.” Season 2 of Craig and the Werewolf

It’s Christmas Eve, so it’s not really time to open presents yet, but here’s a little something I’ve been saving for you since November. I want you to have it now, because, well, it’s the season of giving. Craig and the Werewolf is back for a second season of laughs and awkward werewolf – vampire tension. Five more episodes, aw yeah. Make sure to start from the bottom (episode 6) and work your way up to episode 10. Thanks to Absolute Disaster for keeping it alive!

Kenshiro Suzuki Will School You

If you dug Kenshiro Suzuki’s awesome four-stage werewolf transformation sculpture, I strongly suggest you check out the four making-of videos he’s posted on his YouTube channel. Here’s one of them for your immediate viewing pleasure!