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Syfy’s “Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf” trailer stole three minutes of my life

If you can’t guess what “whalewolf” means, try saying “werewolf” with your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth. There, you just pronounced the name of a human/wolf/orca hybrid, which is more fun than you’re likely to have watching this movie. (more…)

Syfy’s “Monsterwolf” airs this weekend. Here’s a clip!

Syfy is getting their werewolf thing on this Halloween, which I have noted and carefully marked under the “good news” column on my report. First up is “Monsterwolf”, a Syfy original movie that airs this Saturday the 9th at 9PM E / 8PM C. It stars Robert Picardo, Jason London, Leonor Varela, Griff Furst and Steve Reevis (I know someone who will be excited to see Picardo’s involved in a “wolf” project!). Syfy’s other werewolf movie, “Red”, airs October 30th.

So what do we know about Monsterwolf, other than the presence of a presumably monstrous wolf? The story’s got a rather nifty ecological angle that isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but I think adds a nice “root for the bad guy” aspect.

A creature of ancient legend manifests, bound to protect the ecological balance of the land and killing anyone that threatens it. This elusive guardian is initially both feared and celebrated by the locals, but when a deadly curse affects them all, they must unite and recapture the monster wolf’s spirit or face their ultimate doom.

I wonder what the symptoms of this curse are? Having watched this clip from Syfy (yes there’s a big wolf-beast in it) one might assume two of the symptoms are increased pain tolerance and strength– that lady breaks the upstairs window like it was a big sheet of puddle ice.

If you crave more info about Monsterwolf, direct your attention to the official Facebook page.

Trailer for Syfy’s “Red” Contains Felicia Day, Clips From “The Howling” and Cheese

Syfy has posted the first trailer for their latest original movie, “Red”, staring Felicia Day. I have a feeling this got rushed out for SDCC (assuming that’s where it was shown), because it looks a little disjointed and they’ve cut in some werewolf footage from “The Howling” to pad it out. Weird! Overall it looks pretty cheesy, but I think that’s sort of the point– Syfy original movies aren’t expected to bring home any award hardware.

It says something about Syfy’s production values that practical werewolf effects from 1981 look better than the CGI werewolves they came up with on their own.

Hat tip: ArcLight

SyFy’s Secret Plan to Make a Good Werewolf Movie: Hire Felicia Day & Give Her a Gun

Do you trust SyFy? I want to trust SyFy but it’s hard, especially after they changed their name from Sci-Fi. Now comes news that Felicia Day will star in a SyFy movie called “Red”, where she’ll play a descendant of Little Red Riding Hood who “brings her fiancé home, where he meets the family and learns about their business — hunting werewolves.” Naturally the fiancé tangles with a werewolf and gets bitten, Red’s family freaks, and wacky hijinks ensue!

Sorry, I guess I’m a little skeptical after SyFy put out “War Wolves” and then announced their plan to Americanize “Being Human”. These recently released stills don’t do much for my confidence either, but then again, Felicia Day. She made the already-awesome “Dr. Horrible” even better, and, well, come on: “The Guild“. “Red” could actually be pretty good, especially if they let Day have her way with the script.

Husband and Wife Writing Team to Script Syfy’s “Being Human” Remake

Details about Syfy’s immanent Americanization of BBC’s hit series Being Human are scarce, but The Futon Critic has shed a little light on the writing situation. “Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver (“Supernatural”) and Anna Fricke (“Privileged”) have been tapped as the writers”, Syfy’s Mark Stern said. “[He’s] kind of got the genre cred and Anna comes out of a more character-based drama world so between them they’ll be really interesting.”

I’ve got to admit I’m not too familiar with the work of either writer, but my immediate reaction to this news is a little on the “meh” side. Perhaps their joining forces to work on the show together will being some magic to the writing.