Syfy’s “Monsterwolf” airs this weekend. Here’s a clip!

Syfy is getting their werewolf thing on this Halloween, which I have noted and carefully marked under the “good news” column on my report. First up is “Monsterwolf”, a Syfy original movie that airs this Saturday the 9th at 9PM E / 8PM C. It stars Robert Picardo, Jason London, Leonor Varela, Griff Furst and Steve Reevis (I know someone who will be excited to see Picardo’s involved in a “wolf” project!). Syfy’s other werewolf movie, “Red”, airs October 30th.

So what do we know about Monsterwolf, other than the presence of a presumably monstrous wolf? The story’s got a rather nifty ecological angle that isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but I think adds a nice “root for the bad guy” aspect.

A creature of ancient legend manifests, bound to protect the ecological balance of the land and killing anyone that threatens it. This elusive guardian is initially both feared and celebrated by the locals, but when a deadly curse affects them all, they must unite and recapture the monster wolf’s spirit or face their ultimate doom.

I wonder what the symptoms of this curse are? Having watched this clip from Syfy (yes there’s a big wolf-beast in it) one might assume two of the symptoms are increased pain tolerance and strength– that lady breaks the upstairs window like it was a big sheet of puddle ice.

If you crave more info about Monsterwolf, direct your attention to the official Facebook page.