Sweet “Wolfman” Prosthetic Arms & A Distressed-Looking Animatronic Werewolf

A. Quinton — Jul. 13th 2010

I saw @CreatureCompany mention this on Twitter this morning, and it definitely met my criteria for posting here (I clicked and said “whoah, that’s cool!”, which is all it really takes). Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props is a blog dedicated to exactly what you’d expect. This morning, its proprietor Jason posted a bunch of photos he took at a recent display of “Wolfman” props at Universal Studios Hollywood. If you’re into the movie or creature effects, I suggest you go have a look. Here are two photos I cribbed from Jason’s post:

  • Damn, this props are fine.

    But the weird is that I don’t remember them in the movie. It looks like Hopkings werewolf injured and burned but in the movie they prefered to use that crappy CGI effect. This would look a lot more Freaky and disturbing.

    Great prop!

  • Is that a werewolf zombie? Or…zombie werewolf?

  • Hey, thanks for featuring my photos :)

  • All the thanks should be directed at you, Jason, for snapping the photos and hosting such a wicked blog!

  • ArcLight

    Whoah, that’s cool! :)

  • Mac

    Way cool!