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I am similarly afflicted

Today’s Penny Arcade is about a problem that Tycho and I share. I haven’t succumbed to Cataclysm (yet) but I have long been a fan of refined werewolves. Sometimes my usernames reflect this predilection.

“World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen” comic miniseries coming in November

As if you werewolf-loving World of Warcraft players weren’t already in a complete lather over the Worgen, here comes “Curse of the Worgen“, a 5-issue comic miniseries being released by DC’s WildStorm imprint. From WildStorm’s site:


The best-selling WORLD OF WARCRAFT comic series returns in time for a worldwide CATACLYSM! A series of grisly, animalistic murders have rocked the walled town of Gilneas. A famous detective sets out to discover the perpetrators and finds far more than he bargained for. To find the truth, he must delve through years of twisted history – both the history of his family and Gilneas itself. This pivotal 5-issue miniseries explores the in-depth lore of the Worgen!

Shuffle impatiently in front of your favourite comic shop on the morning of November 17th and when they let you in, you can buy the first issue. That’s what I’ll be doing.

I showed my wife Tandye the cover image for issue #1 last night, and within 10 minutes (and with no further prompting from me) she had repealed her 6-year abstention from all things Warcraft. It has been decided: we will both be playing Cataclysm. Now I need to think of a name for my worgen!

The Sixth Slave – A Worgen and the Worst Bedtime Ritual Ever

Today’s Penny Arcade is about World of Warcraft, Gabe’s Worgen character and the artificial nature of game quests. It’s also about the opposite of a glass of warm milk.

Initial Impressions of Warcraft’s New Cataclysm Races? The Worgen are Awesome

Over the past few weeks, beta testers have been getting a chance to check out the new races and terrain Blizzard’s latest Word of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. So far the reactions seem to be extremely positive, particularly where the Alliance’s new werewolf-like race, the Worgen, are concerned. Donnie Ingalls of Ripten says “Everyone and and their mother is going to be playing a Worgen when Cataclysm hits the shelves,” right before unapologetically using the term “cool-o-meter”. Steve Butts at The Escapist goes into detail describing the start of the Worgen game. Apparently you start off as a human fighting against the Worgen in a foggy Victorian setting, until you’re inadvertently bitten and wake up in stocks with fur and claws.

I got giddy just typing that. When Cataclysm finally comes out I’m screwed.

Blizzard Reveals WoW: Cataclysm’s Female Worgen

When Blizzard announced that their upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm would feature a werewolf-like race called the Worgen, I got excited, and I don’t even play WoW. It was weird, though, that all of the concept art and screenshots were of male Worgen. “Where,” the Internet groaned, “are the lady-wolfs“? Oh, wait, here they are.

As reported by The Escapist and several other sources, Blizzard recently released these “work in progress” images to show the character models and the way they’ll look in the different armour types (probably, that is– these are subject to change). Click on any of the images below for a (much) bigger version.

Cloth Armour

Leather Armour

Chain Armour

Plate Armour

DC Unlimited Announces World of Warcraft Worgen Figure, Ensures My Appearance on A&E

Thanks a lot, DC Unlimited. My home and office desks are already covered with werewolf figures so densely that I haven’t unboxed the last three I obtained. Now you’re announcing a World of Warcraft Worgen figure. You’re telling me he’s a spy named Garm Whitefang, but he looks like a steampunk aristocrat who pissed off the wrong gypsy. He’s striking the classic werewolf “what is this, my HAND?” pose. These are things I can’t resist, and yet by pre-ordering it I am effectively sealing my fate as the subject of a special werewolf-themed episode of Horders. I blame you, DC Unlimited. I also blame Worgen.info for making me aware of this figure, and Guillaume B for making me aware of Worgen.info. Damn you all.

I Slipped Into My Three Worgen Moon T-Shirt…

If you're a geek, you'll understand.

J!NX is selling a World of Warcraft Three Worgen Moon t-shirt, which will be hilarious to werewolf-loving, meme-knowing geeks like me, and which will only mystify the uninitiated. Ladies, is it irresistible? Hat-tip to @electricdog and @tshirtmeme.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Worgen Confirmed As Playable Race for Alliance

World of Warcraft: Worgen

The official presence of the werewolf-like Worgen as playable characters in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm has been confirmed by everyone and their mom, including Blizzard. Check out the official Cataclysm site for more details on the Worgen, including backstory, player models, screenshots and concept art. The official sites seem to be suffering periodic downtime as a result of all the interested visitors, so be gentle. Below are some locally-hosted (hi-res!) copies of the Worgen concept art, in case your refresh button isn’t working.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion to Include Werewolves as Playable Race

World of Warcraft - Worgen

Blizzard is getting ready to release an expansion for World of Warcraft, and rumour has it that one of the new playable races will be werewolves in all but name. WoW.com is reporting that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will allow players to play as Worgen, “large, lupine humanoids reminiscent of a werewolf that walks upright, but lopes on all fours to run.” At the moment Worgen are merely NPCs, but if the rumours are true and Cataclysm really does let you choose Worgen as a race, I might have to close down Werewolf-News.com and quit my job, because there won’t be time for anything other than World of Warcraft.