DC Unlimited Announces World of Warcraft Worgen Figure, Ensures My Appearance on A&E

Thanks a lot, DC Unlimited. My home and office desks are already covered with werewolf figures so densely that I haven’t unboxed the last three I obtained. Now you’re announcing a World of Warcraft Worgen figure. You’re telling me he’s a spy named Garm Whitefang, but he looks like a steampunk aristocrat who pissed off the wrong gypsy. He’s striking the classic werewolf “what is this, my HAND?” pose. These are things I can’t resist, and yet by pre-ordering it I am effectively sealing my fate as the subject of a special werewolf-themed episode of Horders. I blame you, DC Unlimited. I also blame Worgen.info for making me aware of this figure, and Guillaume B for making me aware of Worgen.info. Damn you all.