Initial Impressions of Warcraft’s New Cataclysm Races? The Worgen are Awesome

Over the past few weeks, beta testers have been getting a chance to check out the new races and terrain Blizzard’s latest Word of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. So far the reactions seem to be extremely positive, particularly where the Alliance’s new werewolf-like race, the Worgen, are concerned. Donnie Ingalls of Ripten says “Everyone and and their mother is going to be playing a Worgen when Cataclysm hits the shelves,” right before unapologetically using the term “cool-o-meter”. Steve Butts at The Escapist goes into detail describing the start of the Worgen game. Apparently you start off as a human fighting against the Worgen in a foggy Victorian setting, until you’re inadvertently bitten and wake up in stocks with fur and claws.

I got giddy just typing that. When Cataclysm finally comes out I’m screwed.