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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion to Include Werewolves as Playable Race

World of Warcraft - Worgen

Blizzard is getting ready to release an expansion for World of Warcraft, and rumour has it that one of the new playable races will be werewolves in all but name. WoW.com is reporting that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will allow players to play as Worgen, “large, lupine humanoids reminiscent of a werewolf that walks upright, but lopes on all fours to run.” At the moment Worgen are merely NPCs, but if the rumours are true and Cataclysm really does let you choose Worgen as a race, I might have to close down Werewolf-News.com and quit my job, because there won’t be time for anything other than World of Warcraft.

More Wolfman Rumours: Baker Brought Back On to Save Transformation Scenes?

This morning at ShockTilYouDrop.com, Ryan Rotten shares some inside information he’s received about the oft-delayed Wolfman remake.

One tipster says Universal has sunk nearly $10-30 million into re-shoots in England. Much of the scenes had to do with the full Wolfman makeup because it wasn’t “working out” and “was too much like the original” Chaney makeup. Another writer tells me Rick Baker was brought back in to direct practical transformation work because the CGI, again, wasn’t working.

Ryan stresses that these tidbits should be treated as rumours, but that he’ll try to get corroborating statements from official sources. It’s a shame about the makeup being redone, as I rather liked the official publicity photos that have been floating around since March 2008. I certainly hope the part about Baker being brought back on for the transformation scenes is true, though– around this time last year, he was unhappy at being excluded the first time round, and as we all know from An American Werewolf in London and The Howling, Rick Baker knows how to turn a person into a werewolf properly: physical makeup and effects, rather than CG.

Bruce Campbell Possibly Involved in Werewolf Biker Film

FEARNet has done an interview with Tony Luke Jr. in which he reveals that he’s written and starring in a werewolf / vampire / biker movie called Ride Into Terror, and that it might, just might also star Bruce Campbell.

The next film that I’m working on is a film that I wrote with my son Michael called Ride into Terror, which is such a great script. It’s very Quentin Tarantino-ish. It’s about werewolves and vampires and bikers and hot biker chick strippers… I have very dear friends of mine who are in touch with him [Campbell] and they’ve read the script and said, “Tony, Bruce would do this in a minute.”

So Bruce’s involvement isn’t a lock yet, but let’s hope it happens! Thanks to ArcLight for the tip.

Zuda Comic’s High Moon to be a Film?

ShockTillYouDrop.com and BloodyDisusting.com are both reporting on a Production Weekly update that mentions a werewolf script getting some attention in Hollywood these days. From the PW post:

In Eddie Nickerson’s horror Western ‘High Moon’ a reckless outlaw is a small town’s only hope for survival from a vicious band of werewolves.

There’s nothing further to go on at the moment, but the title and the premise sound a lot like David Gallaher and Steve Ellis’s outstanding web series High Moon. Let’s hope they’re one and the same!

“The Wolfman” Delayed Until Fall 2009?

Fangoria is reporting a rumour that The Wolfman’s release date is getting pushed from April 3rd 2009 to “sometime next fall”. No further details are given. Given that the film was already delayed after the departure of its original director, Mark Romanek, there might be something to this. If it’s true, it’s not great news, but if an extra six or seven months it what it takes to make this film shine, I’m willing to wait.

Is Ridley Scott Making a Werewolf Movie?

I sure hope so! As reported by Bloody-Disgusting and several other sites, famed director / producer Ridley Scott has just purchased an original werewolf-related script from screenwriter Ian Jeffers. Nothing else is known at this time, but there’s already speculation that Scott’s recent actor of choice, Russell Crowe, will star as the lycanthropic lead in whatever film this script turns into. Only time will tell.

X-Files Producer Shrugs Off Werewolves

iF Magazine has an exclusive interview with Frank Spotnitz, producer and co-scriptwriter for X-Files: I Want To Believe. If you’ll recall, there were whispers that I Want To Believe involved werewolves, and that one of the werewolves might have been Mulder. These (ultimately false) rumours were deliberately encouraged by the filmmakers via Photoshopped werewolf transformation makeup tests and on-set photos of werewolf props. In the interview, iF Magazine asks Spotnitz what the deal was.

iF: There was some kind of “wolf suit” photography that leaked to the Internet last year when you were filming. I’m assuming this was planted to throw people off the scent of what the movie was about?

SPOTNITZ: That’s right. We actually got the idea for the werewolf mislead because of an obscure post on Ain’t It Cool News. Someone had written that they’d met [director] Chris [Carter] in a bar and he’d told them the movie would be about werewolves. We decided to just keep feeding that storyline. We felt most people wouldn’t be too disappointed when the movie ended up not being about werewolves after all.

You were wrong, Franky. Wrong.

X-Files 2: Is Mulder A Werewolf?

The short answer? Probably not. (more…)