X-Files Producer Shrugs Off Werewolves

iF Magazine has an exclusive interview with Frank Spotnitz, producer and co-scriptwriter for X-Files: I Want To Believe. If you’ll recall, there were whispers that I Want To Believe involved werewolves, and that one of the werewolves might have been Mulder. These (ultimately false) rumours were deliberately encouraged by the filmmakers via Photoshopped werewolf transformation makeup tests and on-set photos of werewolf props. In the interview, iF Magazine asks Spotnitz what the deal was.

iF: There was some kind of “wolf suit” photography that leaked to the Internet last year when you were filming. I’m assuming this was planted to throw people off the scent of what the movie was about?

SPOTNITZ: That’s right. We actually got the idea for the werewolf mislead because of an obscure post on Ain’t It Cool News. Someone had written that they’d met [director] Chris [Carter] in a bar and he’d told them the movie would be about werewolves. We decided to just keep feeding that storyline. We felt most people wouldn’t be too disappointed when the movie ended up not being about werewolves after all.

You were wrong, Franky. Wrong.