X-Files 2: Is Mulder A Werewolf?

The short answer? Probably not.

Thanks to some covert set photos and a leaked effects concept photo, rumours have been circulating that the as-of-yet untitled sequel to the X-Files movie will feature a werewolf, and that the lycanthrope in question is Fox Mulder. Unfortunately, the veracity of these claims has been called into question with the maddening counter-rumour that we’re all purposely being faked out by the film’s creators.

There is speculation that the film’s producers (specifically Chris Carter) leaked this material deliberately, just to mess with eager fans, many of whom are just as inclined as Mulder to over-analyze evidence in an effort to believe in the impossible (or extremely unlikely). To further muddy the waters, Carter and the film’s writer Frank Spotnitz would neither confirm nor deny the presence of werewolves in the film at an interview at WonderCon last month.

Further deflating the werewolf rumours is the news that the concept photo of Mulder as a werewolf is actually a Photoshopped version of this advertisement. This in itself doesn’t mean that the effects concept is a fake, but it does prove that the werewolf features were digitally added. This doesn’t bode well for a production that is apparently keeping CG-based effects to an absolute minimum.

Whatever the case, despite all the fakery and mind games many people (including myself) are holding onto the hope that this X-Files 2 werewolf business is real.