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“Samurai Werewolf” Poster – Vector Art Tutorial

Vectortuts+ has got a really impressive vector art tutorial by Tom Whalen. The subject? A samurai werewolf in poster format, created in Adobe Illustrator. I’m geeking out already. (more…)

Gladiators V Werewolves

This might be a matchup worth watching!  AV Pictures is currently working on a werewolves, swords and sandals film called Gladiators V Werewolves: Edge of Empire. Here’s the synopsis and a rather awesome looking poster / one-sheet of one of the film’s titular beasts (if anyone knows of a larger version of this image, can you please post a link in the comments?):

Gladiators V Werewolves poster

The Hunt. The Trap. The Games.

AD 160. The Romans occupy Britain, and the great Hadrian’s Wall divides the land, built to keep back the northern warrior tribes, and something far more dangerous; a clan of savage wolf-like creatures which roam the lowlands.

Word reaches Governor Flavius that the Emperor has decreed that new, more fearsome beasts should be captured for the games. The ambitious Governor, having heard rumours of the fierce wolf-beasts beyond the great wall, senses an opportunity to win favour with the Emperor and even a place in the senate.

The heroic Centurian, Titus, is tasked with hunting and trapping the wolf-creatures. Titus and his legionaries track the beasts to their mountain lair and discover a warrior clan who transform at will into mighty, armour clad werewolves. In a fierce battle, the beasts slaughter half of the legionaries. Titus and his surviving men escape and ensnare the pursuing werewolves.

The Governor is delighted he has his prized new fighting savages, but Titus realizes that anyone bitten by a werewolf is cursed to become one of their kind. He warns the Governor that the werewolves pose a grave threat if they increase their numbers. Titus’s reward for challenging the Governor is to be stripped of his rank and thrown into the arena where the beasts’ savagery will be tested.

Excited spectators cram the amphitheatre. Titus and the land’s best gladiators are pitted against the ferocious werewolves, but the beasts are powerful and smart. For every two fighters they slay, they leave one wounded and alive. Titus’s fears are confirmed; the werewolves are building an army. The final day of the games will be a blood and thunder battle, more savage than any Roman has seen or experienced before.

No release date or cast has been announced that I can find, but as soon as more information becomes available you’ll find it here.

Holiday Recap

Hey, everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday. I know December was kind of a spotty month at Werewolf News, with fairly sporadic posts, but as the new year approaches it’s time to get things back on track. I have a couple of new features planned for the site, which I aim to have set up by mid-January (real-life work permitting), so check back in the next two weeks for a Werewolf Event Calendar and… well, let me get things working first and then you can check ’em out.

Here are some recent news tidbits that I haven’t had a chance to write up.

  • Fox is moving ahead with the Michael Dougherty drama/comedy “Bitches”, about four female werewolves living in New York City.
  • A third poster for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans has been released, this one featuring Lucian… in human form, alas.
  • Image’s new comic imprint Man of Action is launching Bad Dog, a title about a hard-drinking Texas bounty hunter who’s also a werewolf who refuses to return to human form. 2009 is looking like a good year for werewolf comics!
  • You know Proposition 8, that unfortunate law that robbed same-sex couples in California of certain basic rights? According to The Onion, there was a typographical error in the paperwork that actually means Proposition 8 is good news for same-sex werewolf couples. Hooray for gay (werewolf) rights!

That’s it for now!

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Poster

ShockTillYouDrop.com has got some exclusive new images from the forthcoming Underworld movie, including a rather imposing poster / onesheet of Viktor (Bill Nighy). Nothing featuring a werewolf yet, but if you’re a fan of Rhona Mitra in tight black clothing, you’ll want to visit the gallery.

Banners for The Wolfman

Ryan Rotten at ShockTillYouDrop.com has posted some photos he took of promotional banners for The Wolfman. The banners are up at Universal Studios Hollywood, and you can see them as part of the Terror Tram tour I mentioned a few days back. The banners are fairly teaser-ish, and the photos are blown out by the flash, but you can certainly see that some care has gone into promoting this film. I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of marketing campaign Universal puts together for The Wolfman as the release date (April 3rd 2009) draws closer.

See the banners here.

Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women to Get Their Own Comic

Werewolf Women of the S.S. posterAs reported on his blog and discussed by myriad other sources, Rob Zombie is planning a comic series based on Werewolf Women of the S.S., one of the trailers-for-fake-movies that ran with Grindhouse. There’s no other information available at the moment —no release date, publisher or artist— but as soon as that info becomes available, you know we’ll post it here schnell. Oh, and if you’d like to see the original (probably NSFW) trailer, here you go.

Ben Templesmith Posts Welcome To Hoxford Art

Australian comic artist Ben Templesmith, of 30 Days of Night fame, has posted on his Flickr account seven piece of art related to his new “werewolves in a mental institute” comic series Welcome to Hoxford.