Ben Templesmith Posts Welcome To Hoxford Art

Australian comic artist Ben Templesmith, of 30 Days of Night fame, has posted on his Flickr account seven piece of art related to his new “werewolves in a mental institute” comic series Welcome to Hoxford.

Templesmith has posted art of six characters: Dr. Jessica Ainley, Warden Baker, Burly Bill, Gravy, Skunty and Justin Morton. With the exception of Dr. Ainley (and perhaps the Warden), none of these people look… nice. There’s also a great hi-res poster, which Templesmith encourages people to print and share with their local comic stores, so the stores will know how to order Hoxford when it comes out. That’s a good reason to print it, but a better one is that it looks amazing.

Welcome To Hoxford Poster