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Weekly Werewolf Art: “Complete Werewolf Transformation” by David Wuertemburg

Complete Werewolf Transformation Sketch

This werewolf illustrated by David Wuertemburg exemplifies the longstanding tradition of werewolves with great hair, a tradition first embodied by Michael Landon and later popularized in song form by Warren Zevon. What grabs me in this picture – aside from Dave’s technical proficiency – is the exquisite dichotomy of a such a well-groomed beast also being a bloodthirsty ruiner of camping trips and dates at Makeout Point. He may have access to salon-exclusive styling products, but this is a classic werewolf primed to fuck shit up. I love the blunt muzzle, the baleful sunken eyes, and those enormous teeth. If this was a book cover, I’d buy it in an instant.

You can see more of Dave’s art, much of which is horror- and werewolf-related, in his deviantART gallery.

Weekly Werewolf Art: “Ghostbusters Werewolf” by Nick Bondra

Phraggle - Ghostbusters Werewolf

Drawn by Nick Bondra, submitted by Tandye, based on a classic action figure and and in commemoration of one of the first werewolves I ever encountered as a child, it’s the Werewolf from the 80’s The Real Ghostbusters cartoon! This piece is stoking to the brink with nostalgia and classic werewolf excellence, and it’s accomplished with appropriately vibrant physical media (cut to a pile of Copic markers wearing sweet 80’s shades). To the best of my knowledge, werewolves only had a major role in a single TRG episode, No One Comes to Lupusville, and they spent most of it locked in various basements. When they bust out, though, they undertake the finest work a werewolf can do: smashing the shit out of some oppressive vampires. Nick’s piece, which captures one of Lupusville’s residents between vampire snacks, exemplifies the goofball horror energy that shaped my love of werewolves from an early age. For more of Nick’s art, check out his FurAffinity and deviantART galleries.

Weekly Werewolf Art: “Baroness of the Wolf” by Hinchel Or

Baroness of the Wolf - by Gido

“Oh shit, and I just shaved this morning…”

probably my last portfolio piece for the year… (probably)

tried out a different kind of lighting here… because having one light source was so five minutes ago.

This piece by Hinchel Or showed up on my Tumblr dashboard yesterday, via Do You Speak Werewolf? (which you should absolutely be following), and my first thought (after “!!!WOW!!!”) was “this Baroness has a problem, and I think it’s about to become an even bigger problem for the other people on the estate”. Let me tell you what I like about this picture. Aside from the technical excellence in the perspective and lighting, there are two things, mainly.

  1. There is an elegant lady.
  2. She is turning into a werewolf.
  3. (bonus round:) tea.

I really hope Hinchel makes this available as a print! If you’d like to do a little compare ‘n’ contrast, you can also see the pencils for this art here.

You can see more of Hinchel’s work on his Tumblr and deviantART sites, both of which are well-stocked with lushly-lit madness and super charming doodles.

Weekly Werewolf Art: Werewolf Lady Portrait by Lindsay Small

Werewolf Lady Portrait by Lindsay Small

This week I want to introduce you to Lindsay Small and the delights she and her husband Alex are responsible for: Baman Piderman, and more recently, the animation for the new Mappy animated series. I love Lindsay’s design sense, colour choices and vector art, and recently she combined all three on an awesome monster lady spree. This werewolf gal looks like she’d give you a bloody nose and make you clean up the mess.

Next in the series of monster lady portraits! A werewolf aaaaaAAAAAAA!!!!

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