Weekly Werewolf Art: “Baroness of the Wolf” by Hinchel Or

Baroness of the Wolf - by Gido

“Oh shit, and I just shaved this morning…”

probably my last portfolio piece for the year… (probably)

tried out a different kind of lighting here… because having one light source was so five minutes ago.

This piece by Hinchel Or showed up on my Tumblr dashboard yesterday, via Do You Speak Werewolf? (which you should absolutely be following), and my first thought (after “!!!WOW!!!”) was “this Baroness has a problem, and I think it’s about to become an even bigger problem for the other people on the estate”. Let me tell you what I like about this picture. Aside from the technical excellence in the perspective and lighting, there are two things, mainly.

  1. There is an elegant lady.
  2. She is turning into a werewolf.
  3. (bonus round:) tea.

I really hope Hinchel makes this available as a print! If you’d like to do a little compare ‘n’ contrast, you can also see the pencils for this art here.

You can see more of Hinchel’s work on his Tumblr and deviantART sites, both of which are well-stocked with lushly-lit madness and super charming doodles.