Weekly Werewolf Art: “Complete Werewolf Transformation” by David Wuertemburg

Complete Werewolf Transformation Sketch

This werewolf illustrated by David Wuertemburg exemplifies the longstanding tradition of werewolves with great hair, a tradition first embodied by Michael Landon and later popularized in song form by Warren Zevon. What grabs me in this picture – aside from Dave’s technical proficiency – is the exquisite dichotomy of a such a well-groomed beast also being a bloodthirsty ruiner of camping trips and dates at Makeout Point. He may have access to salon-exclusive styling products, but this is a classic werewolf primed to fuck shit up. I love the blunt muzzle, the baleful sunken eyes, and those enormous teeth. If this was a book cover, I’d buy it in an instant.

You can see more of Dave’s art, much of which is horror- and werewolf-related, in his deviantART gallery.