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“The Howling Reborn” Blu-ray Cover & Release Date

Everybody’s favourite long-running, often-execrable werewolf film franchise is about to get another installment (or is it a reboot?). On October 18th The Howling: Reborn arrives on the optical format of your choice, as long as you choose either DVD or Blu-ray. I’d go with the Blu-ray – the dialogue in the trailer and the story described on the Anchor […]

First Trailer for “The Howling Reborn”: questionable dialogue, (glimpses of) cool werewolves

Despite posting about it twice last year, I’d forgotten that the Howling franchise is about to get another entry (or is it a reboot? I can’t tell). Here’s the first trailer, brought to my attention by HorrorBid. Questions: why does that guy look like Harry Potter? Why does this remind me so much of An […]

Arrow In The Head gives us a first look at a “Howling Reborn” werewolf

Arrow In The Head is responsible for me fruitlessly using the “Sharpen” filter in Photoshop a whole lot this afternoon. They’ve got an exclusive first look at one of the werewolf designs being used in “The Howling Reborn” via a blurry photo from the set. I’m not sure who sent them the photo, but it […]

The Mystery of “The Howling Reborn” and the Boring Plot Synopsis

Buried three pages deep in the Moonstone Entertainment web site is this synopsis of “The Howling Reborn”, the upcoming remake of “The Howling”: On the eve of his high school graduation, unremarkable Will Kidman finally bonds with the girl he has long yearned for, reclusive Eliana Wynter. But he also discovers a dark secret from his past… that he is […]

“It” director Andrés Muschietti to adapt “The Howling” for Netflix

Via an exclusive report from That Hashtag Show: Muschietti was on hand in Hollywood last night to moderate a panel with the cast of Underwater following a press screening of the film. In speaking directly with That Hashtag Show, he confirmed that he will indeed be working on the upcoming Flash movie for DC in 2020… The big news, however, is […]

Emaji Entertainment to reboot “The Howling”, hopefully do it right this time

Bloody Disgusting and several other horror news outlets are reporting that Emaji Entertainment has acquired the rights to the 1981 classic werewolf horror movie “The Howling”, and plans to remake it as the first in a series of reboots. Hooray, but also… oh no.

Full Moon Features: The “Rebirth” of The Howling series

After Howling: New Moon Rising limped into video stores in 1995, the long-running series was finally put out of its — and our — misery. Seven films in, any connection with Gary Brandner’s original novels had long since been severed and it couldn’t be denied that the bad films in the franchise easily outstripped the […]

Full Moon Features: The Howling series, Part Two

When last we left the Howling series, director Phillipe Mora had just made a complete hash of the first sequel, 1985’s Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf, yet somehow felt qualified to take a crack at another one. How he was able to convince novelist Gary Brandner that he was the man for the […]

Help pick new werewolf films for Craig J. Clark to watch & review

Not a full moon has passed since August 2011 without a new Full Moon Feature appearing on Werewolf News. Craig J. Clark‘s authoritative posts on the successes and failures of werewolves in cinema have been an honour to host and a pleasure to read, and if, like me, your every synapse craves more, we need your help. Recently, Craig wrote […]