The New KHOWL 98.7 FM: after 13 years, I’ve found a radio station that rocks

I’d like to give you something great to listen to. Quit iTunes, close Spotify, and throw your boombox out a window (unless you live in Southwest Oklahoma, in which case, flip that little source toggle thing to “FM”).

KHOWL 98.7 FM is the werewolfiest radio station on the planet, and I’m proud to say they’re sponsoring Werewolf News through 2016. If you live in southern Oklahoma or northern Texas, you can get them at 98.7 on the FM dial – otherwise, you can listen online through their web site or via streaming radio apps like TuneIn.

“But,” you may ask, clutching your pearls and eyeing your carefully curated playlists, “what kind of music do they play? Will I like it?” Well, I’ve checked the logs and it appears that KHOWL’s DJs only play music that fits one or more of the following criteria:

  • rocks extremely hard
  • excellent background audio for various Werewolf Activities
  • makes your average mother angry
  • makes your typical father pretend to scowl but then secretly flash you a thumbs-up
  • Otto from The Simpsons likes it
  • I like it, and you will like it

Listen for yourself, and make a request if there’s something specific you’d like to hear. They even have the new Paul Simon track “The Werewolf”, which I think they first learned about through a certain web site you may know.

SnarlKHOWL broadcasts from Altus, Oklahoma, via a mountaintop radio transmitter that might also be the geographical epicentre of the Rad Rock / Metal Music chart. Snarl, the general manager & founder, has invited me to hike up to that tower the next time I’m in the area. If and when that happens, I will report back with details on any flaming obelisks or cackling onyx skulls I see in the area.

A personal anecdote in closing: before KHOWL, the last time I voluntarily listened to terrestrial radio for longer than 60 seconds was November 19, 2003 (rest in peace, 104.9 XFM). I just assumed I was done with radio, since my musical tastes were too rowdy for Top 40, and too Millennial for classic rock stations. I didn’t think I’d ever find another radio station that would play Nine Inch Nails, Six Feet Under and Depeche Mode in the same 30-minute block, but as I learned when I tuned in to KHOWL for the first time – and was still listening two hours later – I was wrong.

Again, my thanks to KHOWL 98.7 FM for sponsoring Werewolf News. Check them out!