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Put your product, project or service in front of thousands of werewolf and monster fans by becoming a Werewolf News sponsor, just like like these fine folks did.

“Primal Progeny” – a Werewolf Horror Series by S.L. Mewse

S.L. Mewse has long been a friend of Werewolf News. She’s an artist, she’s got a long-running interview series featuring people from the werewolf community (including yours truly), and she’s a prolific author whose work focusses predominantly on werewolf horror. I’m so delighted to thank her for sponsoring the site for the month of May with her Primal Progeny series of books.

Hunter Dalton had a harder start to life than most. At less than five years old a terrible creature stalked into his home and took the lives of his parents, departing only once it had eaten its fill; leaving him for dead. Miraculously he survived, and for decades lived a peaceful life troubled only by carefully managed monthly transformations… But it was not to last.

The return of the beast threw his life into turmoil, opening up a world he never knew existed. Suddenly he was no longer a lone werewolf adrift in the stormy sea of humanity. Werewolves and other shapeshifters were everywhere, and he was plunged headfirst into their society with the kidnapping of the only true friend he had ever had. With time running out he was forced to make a choice, go it alone or step in with the pack. He had no choice, and so his world was changed forever.

Appropriately savage cover art and samples of the three books are available in Mewse’s bookstore, as are links to purchase each from Amazon or Smashwords. The series (and her other books) have stellar ratings on Goodreads, so if you’re looking for some new werewolf horror to sink your fangs into, here’s your next couple of weeks covered.

Thanks again to S.L. Mewse for sponsoring Werewolf News!

Pure of Heart – werewolves, royal intrigue, & paranormal romance gone wrong

I only read a handful of comics anymore, and Pure of Heart is at the top of that list.

Human-werewolf relationships are always tricky, especially when the werewolf is heir to the throne. After years married to the prince, Penelope falls for another human – shame he’s a bit of a loser. Things get messy when they find themselves embroiled in the midst of royal intrigue, and dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. Can they overcome danger and their own issues to give the baby a chance? Pure of Heart is a comic about aristocratic werewolves, human weakness and scheming siblings.

Pure of Heart is free to read, but $1+ Patrons get the full experience; with color pages several weeks before everyone else, high-res PDFs, plus a shedload of other perks, there’s no better way to support the comic. I’m halfway to my first goal, at which point Pure of Heart will become twice weekly, so every dollar helps!

The comic’s creator, HamsterToybox, has been drawing great werewolves (and other things) for years. Just look at this big jerk! It’s wonderful to see her idiosyncratic lycanthropes coupled with captivating serialized storytelling.

She’s not kidding about the shedload of Patreon perks, either. I jumped in at the “get a cameo in the strip” level and was very pleased with the result (here I am getting my coffee knocked out of my hands) and the behind-the-scenes art and coloured pages are such a pleasure to see. Patreon support, though recommended, is not a requirement to enjoy Pure of Heart – just visit

My thanks to Pure of Heart for sponsoring Werewolf News for the month of March!

Nodnash The Ugly Werewolf

I’d like to express my gratitude and deep admiration for Nodnash The Ugly Werewolf, host of a podcast that’s not afraid to confront the reality of murder clowns, toilet vipers or that scene at the end of Teen Wolf where the guy in the bleachers maybe pulls his pants down.

He’s also sponsoring Werewolf News for the entire month of October, so in a fiduciary sense I’m obligated to tell you again that he hosts a very enjoyable podcast that streams live on Youtube every Friday at 8PM Pacific and that is also on iTunes and Podbean for your subscribing convenience. However! No amount of money could compel me to say that Nodnash is a stylish, funny, kind boon to the werewolf fan community, and the only person I would trust to organize a successful werewolf pizza bash at the last moment on Super Bowl weekend. Nope – I’m saying those things because I think they’re true, and I’m glad to know him.

Now come and join the Snak Pak!

Join Joyce Chng’s space-faring wolves in “Starfang: Rise of the Clan”

It’s always a pleasure to write about a Werewolf News sponsor, and never more than when the sponsorship concerns a new publication by someone whose work I already enjoy. In this case, I’d like to thank Fox Spirit Books for sponsoring Werewolf News with Joyce Chng‘s marvellous sci-fi werewolf space opera novel Starfang: Rise of the Clan.

Is a clan captain going to sacrifice everything for her clan? Tasked to kill Yeung Leung by her parents, powerful rival clan leader of the Amber Eyes, Captain Francesca Min Yue sets out across the galaxy to hunt her prey, only to be thrown into a web of political intrigue spreading across the stars. Is Yeung Leung collaborating with the reptilian shishini and playing a bigger game with the galaxy as a price? Is Francesca’s clan at stake? Welcome to Starfang: Rise of the Clan, where merchants and starship captains are also wolves.

“Wolves should not be in space, but here we were, a clan of wolves and merchants. Instead of the preserved forests of New Earth and Noah’s Ark, we were in ships of steel and armor, reading data scans and commanding officers on the bridge. Wolves within the uniform of merchants and mercenaries, human seeming, claws and teeth sheathed.”

– Captain Francesca Ming Yue, of the warship Starfang.

Starfang: Rise of the Clan is available for purchase in a variety of formats through the following channels:

Once you’ve read Rise of the Clan, I recommend you check out Homecoming, an excerpt from the second book in the Starfang series (so yes, it contains spoilers for Rise of the Clan). You can read it on her web site or as a stand-alone story in the “space” issue of zine I edit, WEREWOLVES VERSUS. It was my introduction to Joyce’s wonderful prose and the elegant, sombre world of the Starfang series.

The New KHOWL 98.7 FM: after 13 years, I’ve found a radio station that rocks

I’d like to give you something great to listen to. Quit iTunes, close Spotify, and throw your boombox out a window (unless you live in Southwest Oklahoma, in which case, flip that little source toggle thing to “FM”).

KHOWL 98.7 FM is the werewolfiest radio station on the planet, and I’m proud to say they’re sponsoring Werewolf News through 2016. If you live in southern Oklahoma or northern Texas, you can get them at 98.7 on the FM dial – otherwise, you can listen online through their web site or via streaming radio apps like TuneIn.

“But,” you may ask, clutching your pearls and eyeing your carefully curated playlists, “what kind of music do they play? Will I like it?” Well, I’ve checked the logs and it appears that KHOWL’s DJs only play music that fits one or more of the following criteria:

  • rocks extremely hard
  • excellent background audio for various Werewolf Activities
  • makes your average mother angry
  • makes your typical father pretend to scowl but then secretly flash you a thumbs-up
  • Otto from The Simpsons likes it
  • I like it, and you will like it

Listen for yourself, and make a request if there’s something specific you’d like to hear. They even have the new Paul Simon track “The Werewolf”, which I think they first learned about through a certain web site you may know.

SnarlKHOWL broadcasts from Altus, Oklahoma, via a mountaintop radio transmitter that might also be the geographical epicentre of the Rad Rock / Metal Music chart. Snarl, the general manager & founder, has invited me to hike up to that tower the next time I’m in the area. If and when that happens, I will report back with details on any flaming obelisks or cackling onyx skulls I see in the area.

A personal anecdote in closing: before KHOWL, the last time I voluntarily listened to terrestrial radio for longer than 60 seconds was November 19, 2003 (rest in peace, 104.9 XFM). I just assumed I was done with radio, since my musical tastes were too rowdy for Top 40, and too Millennial for classic rock stations. I didn’t think I’d ever find another radio station that would play Nine Inch Nails, Six Feet Under and Depeche Mode in the same 30-minute block, but as I learned when I tuned in to KHOWL for the first time – and was still listening two hours later – I was wrong.

Again, my thanks to KHOWL 98.7 FM for sponsoring Werewolf News. Check them out!

Todd McCullough’s “Who Needs The Moon?”

I’d like to thank Todd McCullough for sponsoring Werewolf News for the entire month of October with his incredible book Who Needs The Moon?, a devastating horror graphic novel about werewolves and vampires, obsession and revenge, and what it takes to really be a monster.

I’ve been raving about WNTM since I read the first two issues back in 2013.

The atmosphere in this book is dense and cold, but it’s alive. The main character, Ethan, is endearing, haunted and terrifying all at the same time. He’s likeable, but it’s also clear that he’s capable of monstrous things. Kingford, the small town setting, feels like a brooding Everytown, and also like a half-dead incarnation of places I have called home. This mournful malevolence is achieved through a combination of effective writing and phenomenal colours on the page.

By the third issue I was calling it the best werewolf comic I’d ever read.

[WNTM] is the work of a truly gifted storyteller and artist, made even more singular by the fact that it’s self-produced and self-published. Honestly, I don’t know what else I can say right now, except please go buy it for whatever price you deem fair, and read it.

Through the ensuing tragedy, carnage and betrayals, Who Needs The Moon? remains the best werewolf graphic novel I’ve come across. The artwork is both painterly and animated, its themes are uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying but never without human connection, and the storytelling is clever enough to warm your heart on one page before tearing it out on the next. If Kingford really existed, it’d be a town known internationally (as readers will come to understand), and it’d be a place I would avoid as adamantly as Silent Hill.

Who Needs The Moon? is available as a name-your-price download on Gumroad. If you’re over 17 and you want to start the scariest month of the year with a truly excellent horror comic experience, I suggest you download it immediately. I’d like to thank Todd again for sponsoring Werewolf News for the month of October!


“25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf” by Jo Thomas

My thanks to Fox Spirit for sponsoring Werewolf News with Jo Thomas’s novel 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf – a provocative title for a site as pro-werewolf as this, but rest assured, there’s more to this wonderful story than laundry list of grisly demises for lycanthropes. (more…)

The Tattooed Wolf by K. Bannerman

The Tattooed Wolf Thanks to Hic Dragones for being our first sponsor of the season with K. Bannerman’s acclaimed novel The Tattooed Wolf. As of this post I’ve only just started reading it, and I’m hooked! (more…)

The Wolf At His Door: Book 1 of The Runes Trilogy

My thanks to Adrian Lilly for sponsoring Werewolf News this week with The Wolf At His Door, the first book in his trilogy of werewolf novels. Adrian and I have similar tastes in werewolves, and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about building a werewolf mythology, the power of literature, and practical jokes. (more…)


The horror/fantasy convention for werewolf lovers is back, and taking over the Red Lion at the Quay, in Vancouver, WA over the weekend of February 7th & 8th. That’s literally across the river from Portland, and just a 3-hour drive from Seattle. (more…)