Granville Island Brewing’s limited edition “Growl at the Moon” brews & growler

Werewolves and beer have been an oddly consistent pairing over the years I’ve been running this site, but the brewery involved has always been on the other side of an international border. This time it’s different!

Granville Island Brewing is a Vancouver microbrewery that shares space with a famous art school, a massive public market, an environmentally friendly concrete plant and this place, all on an island under a bridge. They make great beer and I can buy it anywhere in town, or take a tiny boat directly to their brewery – something I might be doing today, because this summer they’re running a monthly event called Growl at the Moon.

Starting June 2, we are launching a new taproom program called Growl at the Moon. With the rise of a full moon, we will release a one-of-a-kind limited edition brew. Available in growler form only.

I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t know about this until Facebook served me this photo in its sidebar the other day – the first instance I can think of where their data-mining was more useful than creepy. This is the limited edition Growl at the Moon growler that GIB’s monthly brew comes in.

This month the brew is Gosebumps, “a refreshing and crisp unfiltered sour beer” inspired by “German noble hops, wheat malt and nectarines”. I generally prefer stouts or GIB’s Cypress, but I’ll drink warm Gatorade if it comes in a container like this.