Vikings take a werewolf captive in “Blood Red Moon”

Blood Red Moon is a comic series written by Victor Wright and illustrated/coloured by Carlos Villas. The first issue – in which vikings try to turn a captive werewolf into a werewolf factory – is the subject of an already-successful Kickstarter campaign to cover printing costs.

Blood Red Moon is about a clan of Viking warriors who capture a werewolf and use him to turn their own people into savage beasts ready for all out war. Forcibly wed into the clan the monster has no alternative other than to obey and he does so – at first reluctantly, but soon he succumbs to the way of the beast realising he can benefit from the ordeal.

The campaign has already exceeded its£1,250 funding goal, but there’s still time before it ends on Thursday to contribute and get a copy, plus art postcards, an alternate cover, a t-shirt and more. Check it out!

Blood Red Moon page 7