A headline like “Christopher Lee, Spies, and Werewolf Sex” is worth copying

The Austin Chronicle has an excellent piece on director Philippe Mora‘s experiences in Prague while shooting Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf. He talks about the legendary Christopher Lee, having to explain 1,000 punk extras to a military general, and the challenges of shooting a three-way werewolf sex/transformation scene.

The problem was that every time they touched each other, the werewolf fur would fall off. Finally, Mora told his cast, “We’ll have to make it stylized. Try to have sex and not touch each other.” Thus was born one of cinema’s weirdest sex scenes, as the furry trio wildly paw the air near each other.

The 80’s were amazing. Read the rest of the article here. A fancy-pants collector’s edition of Howling II is available for pre-order from Scream Factory and Amazon, and comes out on Monday.