Kids can get their fill of vocabulary & werewolf danger with “No ‘Wurst For Were”

An interactive storybook for kids aged 6 through 9 is exactly the sort of thing I’d tell you about if it was clever, informative and involved a werewolf. So let me tell you about No ‘Wurst For Were.

Written and illustrated by Sir Wilhelm Lexicon Withershins I.I.I (aka. David Rose), the 42-page book recounts nine-year-old Aaron Dorper’s efforts to defeat a werewolf, presumably by plunging the beast into a food coma.

After demolishing everything from Jell-O, lemon meringue pie and onion rings to Buffalo wings, cheese and lo mein, the werewolf is finally stopped by a unique twist on the ubiquitous silver bullet: smoked bratwurst. Claiming to be the only R.A.T.P.E.E. (Regulative Association for Thwarting Paranormal Entities with Edibles)-certified werewolf-fighting bratwurst product on the market, its motto is, “A ‘Wurst a day keeps the Were away.”

The book comes with two modes, which is one more mode than I expected any book to have.

  • Feed me: Enhanced version with animated graphics, professional voice narration, sound design, and interactive pop-up vocab cards.
  • I Can Feed Myself, Thank You Very Much: Standard book version with page swiping and vocab glossary.

To enjoy either of these modes (or even obtain the book at all), you must possess an iOS device or a Mac with iBooks. Android-havers and Windows-users, if you find a werewolf in your kitchen, you’ll have to fend for yourself. Sorry.

No ‘Wurst For Were is available in the children’s fiction section of the iTunes store, where it currently has a 5-star rating. That’s no mean feat – parents don’t mess around when reviewing things they bought for their kids.

For more information you could visit the book’s Twitter or Facebook page, but you should really just go directly to the web site and spend some time reading all the little easter egg text in the crazy design. The 9-year-old version of me can’t stop giggling at “R.A.T.P.E.E. Certified”.