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Ubuntu 15.10 to be called “Wily Werewolf”, underscores my Linux deficiencies

The “Wily Werewolf” joins the ranks of the Utopic Unicorn, the Jaunty Jackalope, and other more conventional adjective + animal pairings in becoming the release codename of an upcoming version of Ubuntu, the Debian-based Linux operating system. (more…)

Kids can get their fill of vocabulary & werewolf danger with “No ‘Wurst For Were”

An interactive storybook for kids aged 6 through 9 is exactly the sort of thing I’d tell you about if it was clever, informative and involved a werewolf. So let me tell you about No ‘Wurst For Were. (more…)

Lycancoin, the digital currency for werewolves & werewolf enthusiasts

I don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies. My exploration of bitcoin two years ago ended quickly when I learned that mining them with my own hardware would cost more in electricity than what I would earn. But as with so many things, stick a werewolf on it and you have my attention. (more…)