Holiday Werewolf Gift Guide Part 3: Download your way out of a last-minute jam

It’s the day before Christmas Eve, and if for some reason you were unable to find a suitable item for the werewolf fan in your life in Gift Guide parts One and Two, don’t worry. It’s not too late to avoid the shame of being someone who gives iTunes gift cards as, like, a Main Gift. Here are five werewolf gift ideas that you can obtain and deliver digitally in less time than it took you to read this.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Shooting Guns – WolfCop Soundtrack” price=”$8″ link=””]

The psychedelic sludge riffs of instrumental doom metal outfit Shooting Guns perfectly scored the 80’s-schlock-inspired gorefest WolfCop. Tracks like “Hounds of God” give you a sense of what it might feel like to be a stoned werewolf, and atmospheric pieces like “The Family of the Vaurdlak” and the synth-tastic “Burchard von Worms” round out an audio experience that stands on its own. Available via Bandcamp and iTunes.

[featureblock img=”” title=”MacGuffin’s Curse” price=”$9″ link=””]

I was a fan of this wonderful “Werewolf Comedy Puzzle Adventure” game from Brawsome before it even came out, and it’s been my lifeline to sanity during many a tedious flight. The great writing, charismatic art and maddening puzzles make it a worthy addition to anyone’s game library, whether they just like werewolves and puzzles or they’re nerdy enough to know why someone named MacGuffin being cursed by a trinket is funny. It’s available for OS X, iOS and Windows through a variety of retail options.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Sockweb – Werewolf” price=”$8 – $15″ link=””]

Sockweb’s backstory alone is enough to make their album “Werewolf” a must-have, but luckily the music kicks ass, too. Featuring ferocious drumming, insane guitars and the surprisingly effective grindcore scream-singing of a 7-year-old girl, the 11-track album goes off like a candy-coloured hand grenade. Available via Bandcamp.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Who Needs The Moon?” price=”$0.99″ link=”″]

I’m going to keep hitting you over the head with this until you acquiesce. Todd McCullough’s eight-part graphic novel is my favourite werewolf comic of all time, and it’s not even done yet. You can get issues 1 through 6 from ComiXology or McCullough’s Gumroad page. The nudity and graphic violence makes it wholly inappropriate for kids, but the oppressive atmosphere and gorgeous art makes it essential for horror fans.

[featureblock img=”” title=”Blood of the Werewolf” price=”CAD $5.49″ link=””]

Blood of the Werewolf” is the perfect holiday gift for anyone who has too many game controllers. This award-winning platformer from Scientifically Proven is actually scientifically proven to be insanely difficult, but also insanely entertaining. I’m still waiting for that OS X port, but it’s available for Windows via Steam and Amazon, but should probably be played on the Xbox or PlayStation 3 for the full controller-crushing effect.