Listen to “Werewolf” by father & daughter grindcore band Sockweb


Grindcore band Sockweb have just released a video for their song Werewolf. What makes this especially awesome is that Sockweb’s two members are Adam “Blackula” Young and his 6-year-old daughter Joanie “Bologna” Young, and that the video is done entirely with sock puppets. Just… just watch it.

Werewolf is the lead single off Sockweb’s debut record of the same name, which comes out later this month Monolithic Records and features guest appearances by some big names from the grindcore scene. Adam describes the album as

Sockweb Werewolf Cover Art possibly the first concept album written by a seven year old – as Joanie writes all of the lyrics herself – Werewolf chronicles the friendship of Joanie and Wolfie, a werewolf she found hiding under her bed from a storm. All starts off well, but then Joanie and Wolfie run into trouble with mean bullies, vampires who steal jewellery, and ultimately the wicked witch who originally cursed Wolfie…

You might have heard another track from the record, Pancakes, which went viral earlier this year. If you dig the song and want to support Sockweb, check out their IndieGoGo campaign, which is a great way to pre-order the album and help them raise money for producing CDs and other kick-ass merch like the poster and shirt below.

This song and the whole project are exactly why I love running this site!

Sockweb Poster