Help “House of Monsters” cross the finish line

The Kickstarter campaign for stop-motion series House of Monsters is currently eight days out from finishing, and while it looks like it’s building some momentum, it’s gonna need a little juice from monster fans to go all the way. Take a look at the campaign page or my previous HoM post for a rundown on why this project is worth your contribution (short version: talented and experienced people building and animating incredibly detailed monster puppets, including an excellent werewolf), or check out this higher-level backer reward: get turned into a monster puppet and have a role in the show! I can’t even type that without my eyebrows going up in excitement.

Suspend your anti-vampire prejudice for just a moment (I know it’s hard, but if I did it, so can you) and imagine how rad it would be to see yourself transformed into a werewolf in such a novel way. Now stop imagining, and recognize that this is a Real Thing That Could Actually Happen if you donate at The Broomstick level or higher. Go check it out!