Help Kickstart the mischievous denizens of “House Of Monsters”

Last month I posted about House Of Monsters, a delightful stop-motion short by Dawn Brown about a bunch of monsters – including a rakish werewolf – getting up to shenanigans in a gorgeously realized castle. If you enjoyed that mix of nostalgia and tactile wonder, I have good news for you: Dawn and her crew want to make it an ongoing web series, and they’re asking for our help on Kickstarter.

The campaign’s $20,000 goal will finance the creation of the first episode, “Fun in the Sun”. That episode will focus on Dracula, but before you slink off in an anti-vampire huff, you should know that the third planned episode is called “Full Moon Fever” and will contain “the most spectacular stop-motion werewolf transformation in the history of cinema!” That and all other episodes other than the first are listed as stretch goals, so let’s hope this campaign explodes, or that Dracula’s excursions in the sun attract some benevolent sponsors.

There are plenty of great backer rewards, from shirts and art prints (including the one at the top of this post, by Warren Manser) to a “stop-motion puppet custom made in your likeness” that will be used as a character in the show. If I had the money I’d snap that reward up in an instant. The campaign runs until April 17 and it’s already 15% funded as of this post, so go check it out!