The werewolf in “House Of Monsters” is a sly dog

I saw this on a friend’s Facebook timeline and was immediately transformed into a 7-year-old watching a Rankin/Bass special. It’s a teaser taken from a stop-motion film by Dawn Brown called House Of Monsters. The character designs are wonderful, and I think I like the werewolf even better than the Nightmare Before Christmas wolfman. The original House Of Monsters short is actually on YouTube, and something else is on the House of Monsters site, behind a Vimeo password – something presumably related to a pitch for an ongoing series based on the original short. Making things even more mysterious is word of an upcoming Kickstarter campaign of some kind, due to start in March. I’ve emailed Dawn to see if I can get some more info –  this looks like something I’ll want to support! In the meantime, for more info, visit the House Of Monsters web site or its lively Facebook page, which has photos of the characters and the production process.