Destroy bullies and witches with Sockweb’s “Werewolf” album

If you missed my earlier post about Sockweb – “the world’s first father/daughter grindcore band” who funded their first album on Indiegogo last year – now’s your chance to experience the joys of a 7-year-old girl scream “bullies are mean!” over a solid wall of kick drums and crushing guitar riffs.  The entire “Werewolf” album has been delivered to Indiegogo supporters and is now available for purchase on Bandcamp. Buy it, and you won’t need coffee for a month. While her father Adam Young handled the music, Joanie “Bologna” Young wrote and delivered the vocals, and she also had final say on her father’s contributions. With song titles like “Monkeybar Massacre”, “Don’t Get Mad Get Fab” and “Salamander Karate”, the result is a candy-striped jackhammer to the ear.