Don’t let Reagan or The Mummy win! Pre-order “The Werewolf of NYC” issue 2

After the success of the first issue, beautiful scratchboard nightmare The Werewolf of NYC is back for a second round on Featuring art & story by Edwin Vazquez, The Werewolf of NYC chronicles the downwards spiral of a troubled (wolf)man in 1980’s-era New York City.

The Werewolf of NYC issue 2 – continues the story of Albert Shaw (werewolf) to assassinate the President of the United States.  Set in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC – Albert wanders the streets and battles an unexpected foe… the MUMMY!

I have a physical copy of the first issue, and it’s one of the most gorgeous things I’ve ever come to own through running this site. The pre-order campaign for issue 2 is packed with bonus content, from digital prints and t-shirts to original art, but honestly, it’s worth getting in on just for the comic itself. Go check it out!