“The Werewolf of NYC” – a gorgeous grotesquerie by Edwin Vazquez

I don’t want Werewolf News to turn into a Kickstarter directory, but I don’t want to pass up cool stuff, either, and Edwin Vazquez’s The Werewolf of NYC is pretty damn cool. It’s a 4-issue comic series – created entirely by Vazquez – about unhinged shut-in Albert Shaw escaping his Hell’s Kitchen apartment and roaming the streets as a werewolf. From what I’ve seen of the preview [mildy NSFW], it’s going to be a surreal journey. The thick lines of Vazquez’s scratchboard art renders a New York neighbourhood literally melting with pop art colours, and the narration describes a man whose mind is even more tortured than his body.

The Kickstarter goal is a modest $3,000 to cover production costs of this first issue. The perks include stickers, buttons, hand-screen-printed t-shirts, and a lovely hand-made accordion-style promo book. The first nine pages of the first issue are available here, and I’ve posted the first three below, so you can get a taste of Vazquez’s delightfully grotesque visuals. If you like what you see, why not support it?