WOLFEN JUMP In Print fundraiser!

Last year, a group of twenty-four artists contributed weird, heartwarming, terrible, scary comics to an anthology with an “extremely nebulous” theme of “wolf”. The result was WOLFEN JUMP, which I got very excited about during its inception phase. Now volume one is complete, and you can read the entire thing online for free.

But what if you want to read these comics somewhere other than Tumblr’s hyperactive nightmare zone? Now, thanks to the WOLFEN JUMP IN PRINT Indiegogo campaign, you have a chance to enjoy WOLFEN JUMP entirely free of the Internet’s “pings” and “animated jiffs”. That’s right! In return for a modest contribution, you can secure for yourself a physical copy of the anthology, an upsetting/entrancing t-shirt, cunning buttons, original art of yourself as a “walf”, or even the original copy of this fucking extreme kickflip of a “Walf Party” poster.

Their goal is $8,000, which will cover the expenses related to “a 500-book print run, shipping, and compensation for all artists involved”. The campaign ends in 41 days and they’re already 20% funded, so it’s looking like a lock. Go check out the comics and back the campaign! And if you’re an artist, a musician or a game developer, they’re accepting proposals for volume 2 submissions…