Say “yes” to Scientifically Proven werewolf blood

I’ve mentioned the game Blood of the Werewolf before, but it’s not out yet, and like any good Internet denizen, I tend to talk about things I want until I have them. Further whetting my appetite for the promise of this punishingly difficult side-scroller is the enthusiasm of the game’s progenitor, Nathaniel ‘Than’ McClure. I’m gonna quote from an email he sent me late last week:

Last year I started on a dream project that our studio owns outright, Blood of the Werewolf. Blood of the Werewolf is my love letter to the games that we grew up playing. It doesn’t have the most features and it has little to no marketing budget. What is does have is heart. The game shines propped on its key design pillars of challenge and mastery.

I have a lot of love for people who put their hearts and souls into the things they make, especially when the thing they’re making is right up my alley, so I want to help Than get BotW out there.

  • Go click the “yes” button on the “Blood of the Werewolf” Steam Greenlight page. If you have a Steam account, it’s literally a single click. If you don’t have a Steam account, I suggest you get one, click “yes”, and then let me know so we can play Borderlands 2 forever.
  • Pre-order the game today, directly from Scientifically Proven, and get it for 50% off ($5 instead of $10).