Retro platformer “Blood of the Werewolf” will make you crush your controller with your bare claws

Nathaniel McClure of Scientifically Proven Entertainment discusses his company’s new “white knuckle” platformer Blood of the Werewolf with Nintendo Life. In this game you take control of Selena, one of the few remaining survivors of the werewolf genocide in Europe, and you’re on a quest to avenge the murder of your husband and rescue your son (both werewolves) over the course of a single full moon night. Standing against you are the Frankenstein, Jekyll, and Dracula houses, the three of which control the city you’re battling across. They’re probably all total assholes, too, especially the Draculas.

Blood of the Werewolf

In the Nintendo Life interview, McClure talks about Scientifically Proven’s origins, and describes Blood of the Werewolf as the kind of game designed to make me pile-drive my controller through a glass coffee table:

This game is not a casual platformer. Blood of the Werewolf is a brutal white knuckle experience that will test you and push your platforming skill. We are currently working on a few unique Wii U GamePad features that highlight that classic swear-inducing experience, including leaderboard and friend tracking elements, level maps, and “secret area” indicators.

The game has “already been confirmed for PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade”, and  on the Wii U eShop in June. It’s also on Steam Greenlight, too, which makes it seem like its PC release is dependant on voter interest – so if you’re interested, go vote!